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Sonoma State University Students Fed Up
by R.M. Olsen
Tuesday Dec 11th, 2012 1:19 PM
Sonoma State University is utilizing student dollars to fund the dreams of one man: The President of the University
I am about to complete my first year as a student at Sonoma State University. During my year here, I have experienced an increase in tuition, a struggle to get into classes, another cap on how many units I can take per semester and the unveiling of the Green Music Center. Now, I’m sure you noticed that one of these things does not fit. Why, in a time when students are struggling to get a decent education does a university spend millions of student dollars building a “world class” venue that it didn’t even need? As a result we are faced with even more debt to pay because the Green Music Center won’t turn a profit. That’s right; we actually have to pay to keep it running. Because of the huge deficit the music center is running, the university has to admit more and more students to help pay for the dream of one man. Something just doesn’t add up here. Where is the accountability that the university should have to its students? I always thought providing an excellent education was the first priority of a university. As a student, I am faced with the decision to continue my education, paying thousands of dollars per year, hoping that I may get most of the classes I need each semester. In trying times like these, our efforts should be focused on saving money, not squandering it. What is the plan going forward? How can we fix this current situation to ensure that every student gets the quality of education they paid for?
by Concerned Alumnus
Wednesday Dec 12th, 2012 1:02 AM
I assume you haven't done your research. The Green Music Center is not funded by tax dollars or your student fees (tuition). It would be similar to arguing that the Metropolitan Museum should never have been built because there were homeless people in NYC.