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54 new jobs in Sonoma county
by Jacob Jackson
Tuesday Dec 11th, 2012 10:51 AM
response to letter in the Press Democrat
Jerry Dunn had it right, collectively we needs to have a more preventative responses towards the neediest members of our community. Instead of spending the majority of funds allocated from grants on new jobs we need to institute programs to reduce poverty. According to the article published by the press democrat, since 2006 food stamp applications have increased by 157% and 30% increase in medical recipients and at the same time we have seen the increase poverty and part time jobs with no benefits. “Increasing the safety net” does not mean that we should increase administrative position while not addressing the necessity for increasing skilled labor among low-income communities in order to promote social and class mobility. Mike McGuire says, “ we are in the position to add back services that had been cut” but old policies that promote administrative positions are sure to be cut again in the face of economic crises fail to address the overlying issue and increase of poverty in this country. How can justify a swelling increase in government funded safety nets and not try prevent people from entering poverty.


Jacob Jackson