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“Nearly 1 in 4 ballots in Sonoma County still uncounted”
by Jessica Edmundson
Tuesday Dec 11th, 2012 10:48 AM
In regards to an article published in the Press Democrat on Nov. 19, 2012.
“Nearly 1 in 4 ballots in Sonoma County still uncounted” and Sonoma County’s clerk-recorder-assessor
feels that updates about the count are unnecessary. I disagree. It is an issue of transparency, as
addressed in the article, but also a frustrating wait for those who tried to vote that were inadvertently
“dropped” off of the voter list. Will those 1 in 4 uncounted ballots even be valid? My experience with
this presidential election was infuriating. I recently moved to the area, and registered to vote, yet when
I showed up to the voting site in A-section of Rohnert Park, my name was not on the list. As I sat there
filling out my provisional ballot, I witnessed 6 others whose names had mysteriously disappeared. How
is this possible? I have to call in two to three weeks to find out if my vote was counted or thrown out?!
I am outraged at the chaos and disorganization or just plain negligence seen here. Was a whole clip
board of voter registrations intentionally “lost” because of the political party these individuals registered
under? Were they lost because A-section tends to be the where the lowest income individuals of
Rohnert Park live? Or was it simply negligence?