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At What Cost
by Kyle Honaker
Sunday Dec 9th, 2012 6:40 PM
Briefly discussing social movement involving the United States's military presence in the Middle East.
At What Cost

After the United States government decided in 2002 to finalize their decision to invade Iraq there were officials within that did not necessarily agree with the protocol. These higher officials believed that there was not enough physical evidence that made it imminent to invade. In 2006 Marine Lieut. General Greg Newbold voiced his objection and not too long after decided to retire from his position as General. He felt the legitimacy of the invasion did not uphold enough power and that the decision was made while lacking sufficient facts.I believe that more attention should have been focused on this General's decision to resign because more Americans would have been questioning why such a high positioned official would resign. This leads into this Anti-War Social Movement and this piece will offer insight into what actions are currently being taken to protest the legitimacy of the war while showing which groups are making progress and why.As commonly conveyed throughout our course and textbooks, problems are more easily solved when a large organized group can develop certain strategic plans that look to outsmart their opposition. An Anti-War war movement group labeled “ MoveOn” is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1998 that looks to promote and raise democratic awareness in the United States. As expressed in this line, “ In the months prior to the invasion, MoveOn raised more than $1 Million for advertising and public relations efforts and began to turn its vast online network into a vital source of financial support for the antiwar mobilization” (Cortright, 1 ). As shown in this expression, it is evident that groups such as MoveOn keep growing and keep initiating in the Middle East. This groups online network extends throughout the online web both in the United States as well as Internationally. These broad online networks give social activists the chance to communicate,plan and promote social change throughout the worldwide web.Another large organization found in 2004 that promotes their negative attitude for our presence in Iraq is called “Iraq Veterans Against the War”. This group is made up of service men and women who have served since September 11th and their goal is to promote and mobilize the military community in this country while promoting the withdrawal of all United States Military forces in the Middle East. They look to advertise the broad notion that the Iraq War is based on lies and deception and that the return of our troops is imminent. They have deployed “Operation Recovery” which is a plan that looks to make sure traumatized soldiers receive proper care upon their return back to the United States. It is absolutely crucial that these groups and organizations keep growing and receive funds to expand across the world to raise awareness on this social movement. This country has strayed far away from its democracy and its up to these organized social activist groups to develop strict and strategic plans that look to out smart the officials in the White House. I believe this is imminent and action needs to take place as soon as possible in order for our countrymen and women to come back safe and sound.


Kyle Honaker is a senior at Sonoma State University and planning a career in Public Relations.