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Will Berkeley mayor Tom Bates become `Jail` Bates? Read on...
by hawkfeather
Wednesday Nov 28th, 2012 8:49 PM
Election shenanigans in the City of Berkeley and the State of Kalifornia; voting machines controlled by the University of Calliburton

Does anybody else smell a rat about how Berkeley ballot measures U and V, the `open government` measures, made such a poor showing during the recent election, according to publicized returns? Or how unpopular Berkeley mayor Tom Bates managed to get 54% of the total vote, thereby avoiding the instant runoff? Well, your worst fears might have been confirmed at last night's (Nov. 27, 2012) Berkeley City Council meeting. The mayor, who's a strong opponent of the type of government oversight and transparency which would have been instituted by the above ballot measures and, in fact, got ballot measure S, the draconian ban on sidewalk sitting, onto the ballot during another BCC meeting after he had the public removed from the chambers, refused to allow the legally mandated amount of time (10 minutes) or number of speakers (5) for the public comment period, during which members of the public may speak on any topic, whether it's on the council's agenda or not.

Mayor Bates is UC Berkeley's main shill on the Berkeley governing body. The voting machines used in Alameda County, made by the Sequoia company, are under the University's stewardship. By now it's clear what I'm hinting at. Not only is the mayor's race outcome extremely suspect, there's also the council district 5 election, whose declared result was that the incumbent, UC lackey Laurie Capitelli, scored a 54.25% to 45.40% victory over challenger Sophie Hahn. And last but not least, there was the defeat of state Proposition 37, which would have mandated that any genetically-engineered ingredients in all food products produced within the state be clearly labelled as such. The University, again, administers the Sequoia voting machines and may be the world's foremost perpetrator of the GMO atrocity. And who believes that the voters of Berkeley are so opposed to open government that they would send measures U and V to such resounding defeats? Oh no, not me. I never lost control.

That's why a hand recount is in order. We're in the process of raising the administrative fee ($25,000). Any help would be appreciated. Contact information is included. A-ho.

by nobody in particular
Saturday Dec 1st, 2012 2:57 PM
Bates is trying to lead this biotech corridor through Berkeley, and Prop 37 would have been harmful to the interests the biotech research industry represent.

There seems to be less evidence of vote fraud and manipulation on the national (federal) level this election cycle. However on the local levels, there have been cases of questionable election results nationwide. Rather than attempt to rig the presidential election, or any vote which would effect federal legislation, there may have been tactical manipulation in different states on local issues and local races.

Here is a piece regarding Prop 37.

By Jon Rappoport
November 8, 2012