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Taking Away an Substantial Right
by Cameron Brown
Tuesday Nov 27th, 2012 10:06 PM
Woman deserve to do whatever they want to their bodies and there is no one that is justifiable to judge them.
Our society has us thinking that we need to be “like the Jones” with our perfect family consisting of your husband/wife and children with a home surrounded by a white picket fence. But what if you don’t want the children? Just because you get pregnant means you have to change your life completely and go through with all that having a baby consists of?
Abortion in the United States is an ongoing issue and has been for many years. Religion gets in the way for many people when the issue arises. But aside from religion, people often see each pregnancy as a “gift.” Not necessarily from god but from anything. And getting pregnant is not a gift, it’s science. There’s an egg, when a sperm reaches it, it creates a baby. There’s nothing special about that.
So what kinds of women are getting these abortions? About eighteen percent are teenagers. At least these girls are smart enough to realize that at their age it will be extremely difficult and stressful to raise a child in that stage of their life. Approximately forty-five percent of unmarried women are getting abortions. This makes sense that these women do not want to be single moms. Surprisingly, about sixty-one percent of women whom already have one or more children are getting abortions. I would think that if they knew they had as many children as they wanted, they would get their tubes tide to prevent the issue of getting pregnant again. And lastly, sixty-nine percent of women that are living in poverty chose to have an abortion. That is another smart choice by these women. They know that they can barely take care of themselves that there is no way that they can take care of a child. It does the child and the mother good.
Many people will draw a line when it is okay and not okay to have an abortion. I can somewhat jump on board with this. But first, when someone says that the moment the sperm reaches the egg, there is a baby, it is ridiculous. It is not a baby. It is a microscopic cluster of cells. That’s it. Within many weeks/months yes it does turn into a baby. But for the first few weeks, it’s just cells - cells that can ruin a woman’s life. There is a point during the third trimester when there is an actual baby, and an abortion during this time is harder on the baby and the mother. If it were to happen that abortions were legal up until the third trimester, I could agree on why that would need to be. But as of now, no one has the right to judge when someone ultimately has it done.
Women need to be able to live their life the way they want to. Our society has us all programed to grow up, get married and have children. But having children isn’t a lifestyle that all people want to have. There are greater things in the world that one could enjoy, and raising kids typically doesn’t belong with those things. If one wants to lose their freedom and dedicate their life to their kids, then that’s their choice. But for the rest of the people that would rather dedicate their life to themselves (hey, you only live once), and not have to be tied down, then hats off to them.