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High Tech Hate Crime- Could You Be A Victim and Not Know It?
by G. Berger
Friday Nov 23rd, 2012 8:25 AM
Covert high tech methods are being used on political activists and minority groups. This can be done while you are asleep and causes physical and mental symptoms, even disease and eventual death.
Low frequency sound, below the threshold of human hearing can be introduced to your household wiring and carried into your home totally without your knowledge. You may be awakened in the early morning hours with a sense of vibration in an area of your body. The vibration is the result of 'silent sound' that is below the hearing threshold but long term has severe effects on your health. This is referred to as the 'non-auditory effects of sound', the resulting disease VAD (vibroacoustic disease).

The health effects of low frequency sound and vibration are well documented in the research.

Electrical wiring is known to be able to carry sound by 'carrier current'.

These 'crimes against humanity' are widespread and are genocidal in effect. This is an issue that needs addressing NOW.