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Op/Ed: Obama why does FEMA not help the homeless?
by edward campbell
Tuesday Nov 20th, 2012 8:32 AM
Newark, NJ, Nov. 20 (ECM)--Vainly believing that it was now my patriotic duty to go offshore to drill for oil I ddeparted Montana in late September for the Gulf coast, but learned that I was unemployable because I don't have a TWIC card, $129.50 , but more importantly I was informed by locals who are familiar with the trade that I can't go off shore because I am homeless.
"They'll never take you offshore if you're homeless," one informat told me, "Go to New York and clean-up me mess caused by Sandy. You know they'll be giving everything away there." I knew the last remark simply had to be wrong. So I checked with FEMA in Atlantic City, NJ and indeed FEMA does not help the homeless, only homeowners and businesses. No food, no jobs, no places to stay. Patriotism, being what it is, it seems is just about as good as half a phone call. Sort of like the Presidents "Thank you for your service" on V-Day.

But I'lll leave out the part about being escorted by the police out of Gulfport, MS for walk 1/2 a block off US-90, and raise the issue about my webpages being blocked at the public library Roanoke, VA, and elsewhere across this great land and the Mexicans I me in North Carolina who were making up to $1700/week making Chrismas wreaths, a job no U.S. citizen can even get.

But now I'm at ground zero for hurrican Sandy wondering if I'll ever get a job, or if I should just go onward and follow the example of Sallust and leave a lasting impact on humanity. Your guess is probably about as good as mine.

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