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LaborTech 2012 At USF On Nov 30, Dec 1&2
by Labortech
Sunday Nov 18th, 2012 11:23 AM
LaborTech will hold it's biannual labor communication media educational conference on November 30, December 1 &2 at the University of San Francisco. Trade unionist and labor activists will discuss labor media and labor technology and how working people can get their stories out using communication technology

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LaborTech 2012

University Of San Francisco November 30, December 1 & 2.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

LaborTECH 2012 takes place in the midst of a massive union busting drive aimed at destroying our unions and privatizing public services and education. A critical vehicle in our fight back is developing a labor media strategy and training our members how to use communication tools to tell our stories and mobilize against these attacks on our basic rights.

LaborTech 2012, which is held bi-annually, was established to train workers and trade unionists on how to use the Internet which now includes social media and video to organize and educate.

This is happening already in many campaigns such as the Wal-Mart national Black Friday and during the mobilization against the attack on public workers in Wisconsin.

We will have workshops on how your local can set up a streaming video channel in which you can have all your rallies and meetings on line and available as a file for your members and others who are interested in the issues facing your members, trade and profession.

We will also show how you can produce a video documentary about your issues that can go on your you-tube channel to educate your members and the public at large as well as journalists who are covering your issues.

These tools are now user friendly and available at little or no cost and the growing use of the smart phones offers new opportunities. This phone is a powerful computer to actually stream your rallies and press conferences on your own channel live from anywhere in the country or around the world.

Let work together and learn together in building our skills and resources to develop and use these tools to arm our members and unions in our struggles to survive and build a strong labor movement..

LaborTech 2012 Schedule

11/30 (Friday) -5-7:00 PM LaborTech Registration - USF McLaren Center 7-10:00 PM Plenum

12/1 (Saturday) 9:00 - 6:00 PM Plenum & Workshops 7-9:00 PM Dinner

12/2 (Sunday) 9 -4:00 PM

Plenum & Workshops

Program (Partial list)

Plenums: (subject to change)

* Spooked by the MOOCs? The Boom in Online Learning and the Future of Academic Labor

* Technology and Revolution: What’s Really Happening? What’s Needed?

* An Internet Of, By, and For The People: Struggles

and Successes in an Emerging Global Movement Infrastructure off the Grid

* Technology and Lessons On The Front Lines, Wal-Mart Workers Battle On The Information Line

Workshops (Partial list-subject to change)

* Labor Apps and Social Media In Organizing

* Building Interactive Web sites And What Works

* How To Do A Labor Video and Radio For

Organizing And Education
* Streaming video
* Using your smart phone to build a streaming

labor channel
* Using Social Media To Organize

Amalgamated Transit Union American Federation of Teachers 2121 Plumbers UA Local 393
Sheet Metal Workers 104

* Tech Workers, Health and Safety and Internet Campaigns

* Building Interactive Websites for union locals and labor

* Building LaborFests in the US & Around the World

* Labor Media Workers, The Internet & Labor Movement

Endorsers (Partial list)

Oakland Education Association

Pacific Media Workers Guild - CWA 39521 KPFA

Amalgamated Transit Union

Plumbers Local 393

AFT Local 2121

Laney Community CollegeLabor Studies Program

NWU-UAW 1981 Bay Area

§Tech Workers Into Sausages
by Labortech Sunday Nov 18th, 2012 11:23 AM
Tech workers from China to the US and around the world are being ground up for more profits.