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Carol Spooner on KPFA Local Station Board Election
by Listener
Friday Nov 16th, 2012 9:57 AM
Exchange with a confused voter ... thought you all might appreciate
this. Most people don't have much to go on except the endorsers:

A listener wrote:

I just got my ballot in the mail today. I have no idea which of the two
sides to vote for. I have great admiration for some of the endorsers on
each side. I am on the email list from each camp. I cared enough for
KPFA that I was at the barricades in '99 at Grove and University Avenue,
yet with the best will in the world to do right by the station, I just
don't know what that right is. Any idea to help me be clearer?

I responded:
Hi Listener:
I am one of the endorsers for the "United for Community Radio" group. I
hope you will rank them #1 through #10 on your ballot. I have great
admiration for some of the endorsers of the other slate, too. But I
think they are very narrow focussed on preserving jobs that KPFA cannot
afford to pay, and unfortunately, many of them don't really know much
about the internal struggles at KPFA that are the source of the whole

I believe the UCR candidates are more well-rounded, better connected to
more communities that KPFA needs to reach to expand and rebuild its
dwindling listener & donor base, more focussed on financial
responsibility, and also more likely to eventually bring peace between
the warring factions on KPFA's staff because of their respect and
support for both the unpaid staff and paid staff. I hope so, at least.

Thanks for asking!

by Rebuttal
Monday Nov 19th, 2012 10:03 AM
KPFA’s future is on the line: VOTE!

Ballots in the 2012 election for listener representatives to KPFA’s Local Station Board are on their way. Pacifica has reported to SaveKPFA they were mailed from New York November 6, and listeners can expect to see them landing in their mailboxes very soon. [If you don't get a ballot by Nov 13, request a duplicate from Pacifica's Election Services company at 1-866-720-4357. Ballots are due back Dec 11.]

This is your chance to support smart and responsible leadership on KPFA’s local board. Endorsers of SaveKPFA‘s candidates include Mitch Jeserich, KPFA’s Letters & Politics; Raj Patel, author of The Value of Nothing, Kris Welch, Living Room; Brian Edwards-Tiekert, KPFA’s Upfront; Rashidah Grinage, founder of PUEBLO; Dr. Raye Richardson, founder, Oakland’s Marcus Books; Sasha Lilley, KPFA’s Against the Grain; Donald Goldmacher, co-director, Heist; Larry Bensky, former Pacifica national correspondent; Dr. Carlos Muñoz, Jr., Ethnic Studies, UCB; Ying Lee, Asian Americans for Peace & Justice; Philip Maldari, Sunday Show; Al Young, former Calif. State Poet Laureate, and many more. | SEE COMPLETE ENDORSERS’ LIST

SaveKPFA‘s candidates are Craig Alderson, Paula Errkila, Jose Luis Fuentes-Roman, Kate Gowen, Mark Hernandez, Dan Siegel, Carole Travis, Barbara Whipperman and Burton White. Between them, they have a wealth of background in radio, nonprofit administration, fundraising, labor, grassroots organizing and movement building. They come from the Bay Area and beyond, all enthusiastic KPFA listeners who want to make a positive difference.

HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP: First, circulate this election flyer (PDF) and/or postcard (JPG) to friends, and urge them to vote for all 9 SaveKPFA candidates. Or ask friends to visit or call (510) 969-9373 to learn more. Second, we understand the ballots were sent by Pacifica in plain white envelopes with few distinguishing markings, so please watch for yours, and let us know when you receive it.

Marked ballots must be received at the New York collection address by December 11 to be counted. Given Post Office cuts, storm-related problems and the holiday mail, please return the ballot ASAP to make sure your vote counts!

SaveKPFA‘s election platform, What We Stand For, includes: • Restore local control at KPFA • Ensure high quality, progressive programming • Respect KPFA’s listeners • Support KPFA’s staff • Require transparency and accountability from Pacifica.

QUESTIONS? Email us at votesavekpfa [at] or call 510-969-9373.