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Who Comprised Obama's Winning Coalition?
by Election Analysis
Wednesday Nov 14th, 2012 9:16 AM
changing demographics and a more tolerant and compassionate society gave Obama the victory
A majority of

1. women...with 12 points more for Obama

2. Latino's 71.%

3. African Americans 93%

4. Catholics by 50 to 48%.. for the 2nd presidential election in a row voted for Obama. Catholics who want to end war and execution outnumbered those for whom anti abortion was the chief priority.

5. Jewish Americans 69%

6. union members

7. seniors who were threatened by the attempt to privatize and send to Wall St. Social Security funds

8. students who did not want Pell grants eliminated

9. the young in general

10. the peace movement.... whose members include most of America

11. the environmental movement

12. the animal rights, animal protection movement.... there are 78 million dog guardians and over 80 million cat guardians in the country, not to mention those who take care of horses, birds, guinea pigs, pet rats, pet pigs etc.

13. the gay rights movement

14. a certain percentage of evangelical Christians voted against Romney because of his Mormon religion

15. While Mormons voted 71% for Romney, atheists, agnostics, and those unaffiliated to a particular relgiion voted 70% for Obama.

16. Even among Cuban Americans Obama received 48% of the vote.

Hunters representing only 4.5% of the vote had less impact than ever before.
by And they all lose
Wednesday Nov 14th, 2012 1:39 PM
The Democratic Party exists to make sure you never vote Red or Green. It is a capitalist party paid for by the same capitalist class as the Republican Party. The Democrats mouth a few decent phrases at election time to make sure you never vote Red or Green, and once elected, carry out the same capitalist agenda as the Republicans do because that is what they are paid to do. To play this good cop, bad cop game, the Democrats go to the organizations of the workingclass, the labor unions, to push the workingclass to the polls to vote for Democrats, who always, without fail, attack the workingclass just as badly as the Republicans. The African American and Latino communities are overwhelmingly workingclass, the workingclass being the 80% of Americans who sell our labor for less than $80,000 a year. As to the Jewish community, while no longer majority workingclass, vote Democrat almost 70% because the Republican Party is perceived as a fascist Nazi party, although the Democrats are in serious competition for the same title. There is certainly no defense of women, seniors, young people, gay people, animals or the environment coming from the Democrats. For many decades, the primary base of support for the Democrats has always been 90% African Americans, 70% Latino and about 70% Jewish. If this is news to you, you have not been paying attention. And the Democrats usually win all of the heavily populated states except Texas, most Northern states north of the Mason-Dixon Line (Old Confederacy) and most of the Far West. IT IS ALSO TRUE THAT THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS NEVER VOTE AT ALL, AND THAT MAJORITY IS OVERWHELMINGLY WORKINGCLASS. So, some 100 million people voted, out of 200 million plus adults. That is not an election; that is a farce. If you want anything to improve, you have to vote either:
1. Peace and Freedom Party
2. Green Party
by " "
Wednesday Nov 14th, 2012 3:13 PM
Actually Jews are usually second. I haven't see the numbers but actually I read people of Asian desent (broad as that is) this time outvoted every ethnic demographic sans African Americans.

I personally don't believe in representational demacracy.