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Post-Election Comments
by Lindy Greene (lindygreene [at]
Wednesday Nov 7th, 2012 10:04 AM
A few remarks - "short and sweet" - on the election results.
Obama has been reinstalled as the 1%'s acting puppet for the next four years. The Orwellian noose will continue to tighten around our necks. The genocide and stealth of resources will continue in the oil-bearing nations. The cops will continue to beat, tase, mace, and kill us on the ground while their helicopters spy on us from the air. The Empire will continue on its quest to dominate and fleece the world. The climate will continue to decimate the planet. The 1% will continue to add more millions, billions, and trillions to their coffers while growing numbers of American citizens lose their jobs, homes, hospitals, schools, benefits, and investments.

In California, the people passed a measure to force porn stars to wear condoms but failed to pass an initiative requiring food manufacturers to label the ingredients in their products. So, the people of my state care more about whether Debbie is protected as she does Dallas than whether their kids are shielded from GMO's and other contaminants in their food.

Still, Romney was even scarier to me. Said even though I realize that it doesn't matter who gets in. They're all just whores for the 1%. Why do we even go through this dog-and-pony show every four years? For some reason, the 1% needs to maintain the illusion that this is a democracy and it's the people making the decisions.

As we open our mouths to swallow another four years of the government's ejaculate, will it be required to wear a condom?