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Earth to USA empire: Wall Street ain't "Too Big to Close"!
by DLi
Wednesday Oct 31st, 2012 9:14 PM
For the past 4 years, the corporate-bin-Laden media had been bloviating 24/7 that the biggest financial houses on Wall Street are simply "Too Big to Fail." That's why there has been total bi-partisan unity in bailing out those criminal banksters--to the tune of up to $29 Trillion(!) of taxpayers' money, according to 2 reputable economists who detailed their findings in an online post in 2011. Well, Mother Nature just showed us that--contrary to those self-proclaimed 'masters of the Unverse' on Wall Street--those blood-sucking banksters' firms aren't "Too Big to Shut Down."
Despite both Barack "O-bomber" and "Romnesia" Mitt's unified commitment to keep pumping unlimited amounts of cash onto the ledgers of America's biggest Capitalist Clunkered Corporations, the Privatized Global economy has now cornered itself perpetually on the edge of the precipice of a Great Depression. Both corporate-financed parties of "Dim-o-cratic" NeoLibs and the "Repugni-can't" NeoCons--along with the prostituted mainstream media mega-corporations--may think they can "fool most of the people...all of the time," but when tens of millions of workers and other 99-percenters see thru the financial Ponzi scams created on Wall Street, they will form a human and political torrent that will surpass the intensity of Sandy and completely sweep away those malevolent economic pests that have been infesting the foundations of our civilized society for the past 2 centuries.