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USMJP Candidate Cris Ericson on WNYT Albany New York News Channel 13: LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!
by Cris Ericson
Monday Oct 29th, 2012 10:40 AM
Cris Ericson appeared today LIVE on WNYT Albany News Channel 13 in the Capitol
of New York, talking about the reasons we should make marijuana legal and save on our State and National Budgets. October 29, 2012
Cris Ericson was LIVE today in Albany, New York at WNYT and the live television news footage will probably be aired this evening so be certain to watch!

Watch Cris Ericson on WNYT Albany, New York
Television Channel 13 News!

All Vermont Statewide candidates were
invited to WNYT Albany News CH 13 to
make their own live news statements.

Cris Ericson is on the Vermont election
ballot for Governor and for U.S. Senator
for the United States Marijuana Party.

She made two 2 minute news statements
today, taped live at WNYT.

In the first statement, she said that
marijuana and hemp used to be legal
in the United States, and that her own
grandfather was born on a Hemp Farm
in Shelbyville, Kentucky. She
also explained that her great grandfather
back in the 1600's was Owanno, the
leader of the Piscatawney Tribe, a
branch of Algonquin Native American
Indians, and that hemp and
marijuana were legal then.

"It's time to take back America!" Cris said.

She stated that State and Federal
marijuana laws should be repealed,
stricken off the books, because our
State and Federal budgets can NOT
stand one more day of billions of
tax dollars wasted on a drug war the
Legislators can't win because adults
enjoy smoking marijuana, and voters
say it's fun.

Cris explained that two big piles of
taxpayer dolalrs are being wasted.
In one pile is the money wasted arresting
people for marijuana, which is like the war
on Vietnam, no amount of helicopters
eradicating plants will stop this weed from
cropping up again, people love it,
they're not going to stop using it.

Cris told WNYT viewers that the enemies of
common sense are the control freak Legislators
making laws who have their perverted noses
stuck up too far in your personal business.

Cris explained that President Obama smoked
marijuana and Governor Peter Shumlin of
Vermont smoked marijuana.

Cris said that the drug dealers have the second
big pile of money because they aren't paying
taxes when they sell marijuana. Our State and
Federal budgets keep losing money by
arresting people for marijuana and by not
legalizing and taxing marijuana.

In Cris Ericson's second two minute news
statement today on WNYT News Channel 13
in Albany, New York, she stated that when the
United States Declaration of Independence
was signed, marijuana was legal; and when the
United States Constitution was signed, marijuana
was legal, and again she stated that it is time to
Take Our Country Back!

Again she argued that President Obama smoked
marijuana, and no one put him in jail. Vermont
Governor Peter Shumlin smoked marijuana,
and no one put him in jail. She went on to say
that 25 million people in the United States smoke
marijuana and marijuana is the largest cash crop,
but State and Federal budgets are not receiving
one dollar of taxes from marijuana sales.

Cris talked about the marijuana Russian Roulette
Wheel whereby, out of the 25 million people who
are smoking marijuana, only 750,000 are arrested,
so the majority of people are getting away with it.
Because the majority are getting away with it,
they keep on smoking. The risk is about
one out of 33 people get arrested, or, in other words,
32 out of 33 people smoking marijuana do not get
arrested. So, with the odds in favor of NOT getting
arrested, no one is going to stop smoking marijuana.

Cris said that it is time for the Lawmakers and
Legislators in Montpelier, Vermont and Washington, D.C.
to stop their perverted interest in sticking their
noses into other peoples' orifices. It is time for
Legislators to take their peeping Tom eyeballs
out of our private homes and private lives.

"Get the government out of your house! Vote for
me, Cris Ericson, United States Marijuana Party
in Vermont", Cris says.

"U S M J P dot com"

Cris Ericson was wearing a beautiful fuschia colored
suit and her family heirloom Native American
Indian arrowheads on her earrings and leather
pouch necklace. Be sure to watch
to see her in this outfit as there
are no photographs of her in her Native artifacts
on the internet.

Cris Ericson was also wearing her Native American
Indian arrowheads on her earrings and on her
leather pouch necklace on October 25, 2012 on
Vermont Public Television PBS
United States Senate candidate debate;
and on that show she wore a turquoise suit.

She did not wear eyeglasses on either television
appearance. This is the first time Cris Ericson
has worn anything other than a black suit jacket
and white blouse and black skirt to any
political appearance, so be certain to catch
these shows!

October 29, 2012 Cris Ericson live news footage, two 2 minute

Vermont Public Television PBS
Oct. 25, 2012 U.S. Senate candidate debate in Vermont