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International USA Activist Musical Love letter to Spain Soccer Fans
by Michael Parish
Saturday Oct 27th, 2012 7:13 AM
Spurred by the 2012 Olympics USA women’s soccer victory, Michael Parish has released the music video “Playing Pass” on the website “stuff” page. This is a not for profit musical rebuttal to talk show host Glenn Beck’s 2010 anti-soccer statements, inspired by and centered around an incredibile photo of the wonderful people of Spain and dedicated to Japan, Mexico, Spain and the USA teams and fans who won the recent men and women World Cup and International Olympic soccer competitions.

Seattle, WA, October 25, 2012 --( In the summer of 2010, Spain won the World Cup and the people of Spain were documented by Andrea Comas of Reuters Pictures in "one of the greatest sports celebration photos of all time," according to Michael Parish of That same summer, a talk show host named Glenn Beck was quoted as if speaking for all American’s when saying: "We don’t want the World Cup. We don’t like the World Cup. We don’t like Soccer. We want nothing to do with it."

Michael Parish says, "If you are a soccer fan, don’t be too hard on Glenn Beck, because Glenn is just doing his job. Glenn is a professional Devil’s Advocate and we need him. Just like other USA conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh or liberal talk show host Lawrence O’Donnell, Glenn performs, partly, to counter statements, policies and actions from the opposition." Michael continues, "This purpose of arguing from an opposite position is to according to Wikipedia, test the quality and structure of something so as to improve it or influence others to abandon it if deemed necessary." Michael claims, "This process of devil's advocacy is vital to a healthy democracy. So, why is Glenn Beck in opposition to World Soccer and what is it about the game that causes Glenn to want to have fellow American citizens abandon it? The answer can perhaps be found if one can find fault in the following merits of soccer":

1. Soccer does not rely on a lot of equipment: A ball and clear place to play.
2. Is inclusive because it is affordable to play.
3. Is a great Equalizer: People of every income and body size can play.
4. Major strategy is teamwork; no particular position rules other positions.
5. So Simple and basic that a child can play.
6. Incredible potential in level of skills of handling a ball and strategy of team offense/defense. The passion and triumphs of team play is magic to spectators.
7. All players play the roles of both quarterback and receiver... playing pass.
8. It is a wide spread international sport, literally played by every race, every nation, no matter how developed. A true world class sport... If all nations can play together in a world class sport, perhaps all nations can work together towards a world class vision, working as a global team, playing pass.

Michael points out, "I cannot find any fault in any of the above merits. But I do find fault in Glenn Beck speaking for all American’s from his personal distaste for World Soccer." That is why, in this music video, Michael draws a chalkboard portrait of devil's advocate Glenn Beck, ("Glenn loves using chalkboards to make his own points," says Michael) in the act of judging World Soccer and hence, he himself being judged. “Allow me to be a devil’s advocate to the process of devil’s advocacy,” Michael rebuts, “please, Glenn, speak only for yourself.” Michael purchased nonprofit license to use the incredible celebration photo by Andrea Comas/Reuters of the people of Spain celebrating their 2010 World Cup Soccer victory to illustrate the glorious passion of these sport fans. Michael finishes, “I was rudely slapped awake by Glenn Beck, than inspired by a very special photo of the people of Spain and finally set in motion by the USA women’s gold medal 2012 Olympic victory! This song is for the soccer fans of Spain from a soccer fan in the USA, just change the words 'USA!,' heard throughout the song to 'Jewel of Spain!'" Please view this music video "Playing Pass" and lyrics on "stuff" page."