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What "Debate"? It was only a bi-partisan rally for an Imperialist foreign policy!
by DLi
Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2012 3:30 AM
The so-called Debate on Foreign Policy never took place last night. Instead, it was closer to a congenial love-fest that celebrated the role of U.S. Imperial 'regime change' Militarism. Barack "O-bomber" and "Romnesia" Mitt took turns in narrating a fairy tale of how 'American leadership' has brought democracy across the Middle East. But neither Pentagon mouthpieces dared mention the million of innocent Iraqi civilians that were killed by an illegal American Invasion and thousands of Afghan women & children were blown to smithereens by U.S. drones since 2008...
On just about every single crucial foreign policy, there is complete bi-partisan support for the Wall Street-Pentagon ruling elite's aggressive "Full Spectrum Dominance" program over the Planet. Blind support for Israel? Check! Massive military aid for repressive sheikdoms like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia? Check! Unsubstantiated wild claims of Iranian development of nukes? Check! Increased funding to America's already bloated Dept. of Offense? Check! Increased use of drones and JSOC assassination teams on 3 continents? Check! A "Pivot to the Pacific" with thinly-veiled military alliances to choke off China's sea lanes? Check!

With so much agreement between the 2 parties' goosestep-like marching in promoting U.S. Imperialism, there is now totally justified confidence in the Pentagon that--aside from some cosmetic or token gestures to "cut" the "defense budget"--the sacred cash cow of a continuous fiscal pipeline is now assured. The only possible dark cloud in the horizon may be the dreaded possibility of a complete moentary meltdown(which is really a distinct probability, given the Ponzi schemes constantly cooked up by Wall Street's criminal banksters), which has started in Europe but may well spread across the Atlantic in a jiffy, since the Fed has been electronically printing trillions of fictitous Greenbacks and funneling them onto the ledgers of the biggest Clunkered Capitalist corporations since 2008. No one can predict with certianty when this huge house of cards will collapse, but rest assured it WILL come soon. When that happens, even Ben Bernanke won't be able to buy his loaf of bread without a barrowful of cash!