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U.S Senate Candidate Cris Ericson says It Is Time To Make Marijuana Legal!
by Cris Ericson (usmjp [at]
Wednesday Oct 17th, 2012 7:48 PM
Cris Ericson is running for United States Senator, USMJP - U.S. Marijuana Party in Vermont, against incumbent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, and other candidates Pete Diamondstone, Laurel LaFramboise, John MacGovern and Peter Moss; and she is the only candidate who will work to make marijuana legal.
Cris Ericson is the only candidate for United States Senator
for Vermont who will go down to Washington, D.C.
to make marijuana legal.

Incumbent U.S. Senator for Vermont, Bernie Sanders, has always said, "No" to legalizing marijuana.

There are a total of six candidates on the Nov. 6, 2012 General Election Ballot in Vermont competing for the U.S. Senate seat:
Pete Diamondstone, Liberty Union Party, who believes in secession from the United States;
Laurel LaFramboise, who believes that a candidate should only be allowed to introduce three short bills during a six year term as U.S. Senator;
incumbent Bernie Sanders who wants to traumatize Vermonters by allowing F35s which are designed to carry targeted smart nuclear bombs to be housed at the Burlington International Airport and fly every day over the state's largest city causing unGodly noise;
John MacGovern who is your every day run of the mill Republican;
Peter Moss who wants the F35s to be parked closer to Iran than Vermont, as if that would help;
and Cris Ericson who wants to make marijuana legal,
ban the F35s from Vermont because they are designed to carry targeted smart nuclear bombs which are not smart at all during solar flare communication interruptions,
and she believes the Federal Food Stamp program in rural areas like the majority of Vermont - population total 620,000 people - should also provide laying hens (chickens and roosters) and milking goats to low income people because food stamps alone don't provide enough food security, etc.

Please listen to the debate on streaming video on the internet!
§2012 U.S. Senate Candidate Debate in Vermont
by Cris Ericson Wednesday Oct 17th, 2012 7:48 PM