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Grand Jury Asked to Investigate Non-Consentual Mind Control Implants
by G. Berger (gberger777 [at]
Monday Oct 15th, 2012 4:52 PM
The Butte County Grand Jury is being asked to question government employees on the subject of Mind Control Implants and high technology harassment. Allegations of non-consentual placement of microchips have circulated for some time. The mind controlled are referred to as "puppets" on the streets.
Mind Control implants are being identified as "robotic implants" since they can influence behavior even create symptoms of mental illness. The implanted mind control devices were first described by SUNY Professor Kathryn Kelley in a paper she submitted titled "Case Studies of Destabilization and Delusions Described as Radio-wave Transmitted: Behavioral Implications".

A 1999 article in the Albany Times Union by ANDREW BROWNSTEIN interviews her students who assisted the research which was apparently quickly buried as it implicated the National Security Agency (NSA). The objects described had surveillance capabilities that could overhear conversations, even thoughts of the implanted victim. The implants which are controlled by distant radio transceivers are able to deliver voices to the mind of the victim as well as to deliver pain and suffering.

There have been claims that whistleblowers, activists and hate crime targets are among those victimized.

Sharon Weinberger in her 2007 article for the Washington Post titled "Mind Games", described thousands worldwide who claim to be victims of this technological harassment. Perhaps this Grand Jury will not bury the matter this time?