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Advocate for Orphans International (David and Kerry Avilla): Bankruptcy Information
by Adoption Newsletter
Sunday Oct 14th, 2012 9:38 AM
David and Kerry Avilla, operators of Advocate for Orphans International, which offers a "hosting program" for Ukrainian orphans and also some adoption services, declared bankruptcy.
Advocate for Orphans International is operated from the home of David and Kerry Avilla in Gilroy, CA. The organization brings groups of Ukrainian orphans to the US to experience American life and also possibly be adopted.

The problem is the finances-the Avillas have declared bankruptcy, and there are accounts that they continue to bring hundreds of orphans to the US every year. Either the orphan business is not lucrative these days or Avilla does not know how to make money at it.

The Avillas had a substantial amount of debt-nearly a quarter of a million in credit cards alone! All of this seems to have been discharged in their bankruptcy, so it might be the case that they and their organization were responsible for "small scale bailouts" of local banks.

The prevailing wisdom is that money given to the Avillas or their organization should be watched very carefully.