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Please help me save Alan's life
by Azim Samani
Wednesday Oct 10th, 2012 1:30 PM
To report child abuse done by Santa Clara County Social Service Agency and the head of Social Service Agency in Sacramento; Re-questing public support for investigations regarding my son's disability.
October 09, 2012 My name is Azim Samani and I am the father of a fifteen year old son name Alan. My son Alan officially became disabled and he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia on September 4TH of 2010 while he was under the care and control of state of California and living with me at age of thirteen in Santa Clara County, California. Right after my son’s disability, I contacted director of social service agency, director of DFCS, program manager of DFCS and the social worker handling my son’s case in Santa Clara County, California. I did request for investigation. Also I did report the matter to the Governor office in Sacramento, California. I did request to meet with the Governor in person. The Governor Office response was two letters; which was not followed by any action for last Seventeen months. I went to the Governor office on September 29TH of 2011 and I did request to meet the governor. The Governor Office manager collected my contact information and my documents and she promised to contact me with in a week! The response from the director of social service agency Mr. Will Lightbourne on our conversation dated October 4TH, 2010 was my son is receiving the best treatments and he is the boss in agency and he does not report to anyone! Off course it was not the 1ST time Mr. Will Lightbourne acted this way. In our 1ST meeting in November, 2009 he told me no one ever questioned his integrity and I explained I do question his agency’s performance and I do not know him personally. Soon after my investigation request, DFCS under direction of Mr. Will Lightbourne started pushing me out of my son’s life and claiming I did disable my son and I have personality disorder. The end of this phase was to remove my son Alan from my care on March 17TH, 2011. Please note I did take care of my gravely disabled son from September 4, 2010 to March 17,2011 mostly by myself while working fulltime and sleeping only 4 to 5 hours a day. The level of misconduct, negligent and … in this case is extremely high; please let me highlight some of my major concern regarding this case: 1. Social Service agency always denied I met with their upper management team and always denied upper management team involvements in this case. I met with director of social service agency at least twice, director of DFCS at least 4 times, and program manager at least 5 times in Santa Clara County. All documents regarding these meetings have been concealed from court and discovery documents; even though I and my attorney did request them numerous times. Please note, currently Mr. Will Lightbourne is the director of Social Service Agency at state level and he is directly reporting to Governor Brown. 2. The director of Social service admission to me about his awareness of misconduct in Venture County. His exact words “I give you an offer, you cannot refuse. We know things (?) Happened in Ventura, we are not responsible for that. We return your son to you, you go after them! I told him to have his offer in writing because I do not trust him. He told me you have no choice, but I told him you break the law you don’t have a choice, then he replied “I correct myself, we you and I have no choice.” These words cannot be a public servant words but the head of Mafia. 3. Finally in court The social service agency supervisor admitted Mr. Will Lightbourne was personally involved in this case and Mr. Will Light Bourne is afraid if I fill a low suite against them!(The social service agency and Mr. Lightbourne himself) and my son was taken as an hostage because they were afraid of low suite. 4. My son’s where about. For last three and half a year social Service agency claimed my son was living with his aunt for 26 months and based on that Social Agency submitted at least six recommendations for putting him for adoption, revising visitation and … In Court appearance in July 2011, my son’s aunt admitted he was not living with her for at least fifteen months of the 26 month period. The persons she claimed my son was living with them denied her claim for first nine months. Both parties claim Social Service agency was informed but Social Service agency denied their claim. 5. Social Service agency and County attorneys illegally advised and prepared adverse parties in this case. All witnesses admitted they were contacted directly by Social Service attorneys and they were trained to testify in court and they already knew all questions and what to answer. 6. I had to admit my son to Emergency Room on May 07, 2011 while he was in Foster home and Social Service agency claimed he was doing fine and taking a shower every day. My son’s feet were severely damaged and he was in a filthy condition. I have his feet pictures and his dress as evidences. 7. Involvement of Joanne Hoeper San Francisco District Attorney employee and illegal activities of adverse parties in this case were authorized and covered by County officials. These are few examples of misconducts and neglects in this case; there are much more I have to say. Please note Social Service agency has three Million clients in state of California which includes 80, 000 children in Foster care system. Please note state of California has 12% of US population but receive 36% of welfare budget; which is 300% of national average. What happened to me and my son is not an isolated incident; it is a systematic and organized crime. Is it possible nobody noticed any of above mentioned matters? Judges, attorneys, legal advocates and … were stoned! I do have all my documents, evidence, e-mails and more details to discuss with federal investigators in this matter. My contact information and address are: , Cell phone (408)480-7864, home address 2200 Monroe Street Apt. #207 Santa Clara, California 95050. Please type in Google search to view my YouTube clip. My Face book adress is azimsamani; please chek my face book page to see my son's disturbing situation under the care of State of California. Sincerely, Azim Samani