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Help Candidate Emily Peyton Bust the Two Party Monopoly in Vermont!
by Cris Ericson
Monday Oct 8th, 2012 8:30 AM
Please help independent governor candidate Emily Peyton BUST the TWO PARTY system in Vermont! Emily Peyton (Independent), Dave Eagle (Liberty Union Party) , and Cris Ericson (U.S. Marijuana Party in VT) have been excluded from the MAJORITY of DEBATES which only include the DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN candidates, Peter Shumlin and Randy Brock. End the TWO PARTY Monopoly in Vermont!
Please help Ms. Emily Peyton BUST the two party MONOPOLY system
in Vermont.

Ms. Emily Peyton has been excluded from debates as a
2012 political candidate for Governor.
Other candidates also excluded include
Dave Eagle of the Liberty Union Party
and Cris Ericson of the United States Marijuana Party
in Vermont.

The majority of 2012 political debates in Vermont only include
the Democrat candidate for governor, Peter Shumlin, and the
Republican candidate, Randy Brock.
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In the Superior Court of Washington County
in and for the State of Vermont

General Jurisdiction

Emily Peyton
Certified Independent For Governor
approved for the election ballot of 2012
In the State of Vermont


The Burlington Free Press of Burlington Vermont
191 College Street Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 863-3441
WPTZ News Channel 5
New York Offices
5 Television Drive
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: 518.561.5555

From the table of Emily Peyton,
on the campaign trail at Magnolia Restaurant in Burlington VT 05346
Mailing PO Box 821 Putney VT 05346 cell phone 802 579-5524
Resident of Windham County at 33 Bellows Falls RD Putney Vermont
registered Independent candidate for Governor

Phone: 802.655.0027
Fax: 518.561.5940
Vermont Offices
553 Roosevelt Highway
Colchester, VT 05446
Phone: 802.655.5455
Fax: 802.655.5451

WCAX, of Burlington Vermont
PO Box 4508. Burlington, VT 05406-4508. Primary Phone: 802-652-6300
Vermont League of Cities and Towns,
89 Main Street
Suite 4
Montpelier, Vermont
Motion for Emergency Injunction

to prevent irrevocable harm to plaintiffs
capacity to serve as Governor of Vermont
Come now
Emily Peyton
and moves our
State Superior Court in the County of Essex
court for
emergency injunctive relief
for the following reasons
and to serve the
purpose of an open democracy.

1. Factual Background

The forenamed defendants are all planning to promote
the open public scrutiny of public policy and proposed by
the Governor Shumlin and Senator Brock,
and prevent public
scrutiny of candidate Peyton’s platform.

The plaintiff has appealed in person and by other
means to allow the public access to the platform
consisting of comprehensive policies that
Plaintiff Peyton
earnestly presents in full faith
that they represent the betterment of
Vermont and her people.

The Plaintiff has secured through her diligence and effort the
support of 500 signatures from the good people of Vermont
who believe in open

Those 500 hundred signatures were offered by 500 citizens
who declared by their action that they desired Plaintiff Peyton’s presence
in the Gubernatorial race.

It is The plaintiff's desire to serve these 500 the benefit of their action,
and make her platform visible for public choice.

Further a majority of Vermonters has registered as Independent
voters, thereby it can be correctly supposed that Vermont
is under serviced by either the
Republican or Democrats party
when the voting majority has removed their alignment to either.

Further it is a fact that open democracy is refreshing
and improves our American experience,
and it is an absolute fact that without access to a candidate,
the voting public has their choice removed.

Vermonters deserve to choose.

The choice of Governor belongs to the full voting public of Vermont,
and to no one else.

If in their wisdom the people of Vermont choose a candidate
of a different color or sex, or party orientation, that can only
happen if they are allowed to see that candidate,
hear that candidate,
question that candidate and compare the policies of that candidate
next to their other gubernatorial choices.

It is a fact that polls cannot be accurate
if they do not mention the candidate in question,
nor can they reveal truth of public opinion
if the public has been prevented from having
any wider choice than between two options.

Obviously, the plaintiff will be prevented from earning the confidence
and votes of the people of Vermont
and then in turn prevented from the capacity to serve in office
by the defendants.

This not only harms the democracy, it harms Vermont
and all the people in it,
and it harms the plaintiff’s ability to work
and her entitlement to remuneration for that work.

For the above stated reasons, and in the true spirit of the law
which exists to serve the benefit and good of,
the Plaintiff
herein requests of the Court
with respect and prayer
that an Honorable Court
grant an emergency injunction
removing the hindrances to her participation in democracy.

The plaintiff would further suggest that the VLTC
( Vermont league of Cities and Towns) with its nonprofit status
has a duty to be impartial politically,
and that impartiality is not served by excluding one candidate
aligned by party non denomination with over 40% of her potential constituents.

Further the plaintiff would lastly suggest that the Burlington Free Press
cannot accurately describe themselves as
open or free
if they limit the freedom of speech
that is directly and pointedly expressed
through the hard work and determination of a candidacy,
nor is it their purview to limit
the choices of Vermonters
in the name of news.

We do not want a manipulated election,
we do not want to remove competition,
where competition serves the good of all by
improving the quality of our democracy.

Thus and for the forenamed reasons named reasons this
plaintiff submits this motion
to a true Judge
for direct action before the debates.

The first debate is scheduled on this Thursday October 4th at Essex fairground,
sponsored by the VLCT
and the second debate is scheduled on Sat, October 13, 7:30pm –
8:30pm by WCAX,
on Wednesday
WPTZ Wed, October 17, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
and lastly the
Burlington Free Press
is scheduling debates on October the 23 and 24.

If these debates are held without the plaintiffs participation
the outcome of the election
will not be true or valid,
because the public will not have the opportunities
as described above
as they deserve
to make a fully informed choice.

It is with wholesome gratitude of the service this Court
to attend to this motion that the
plaintiff submits
in request for an emergency injunction
to remove the immediate , unwise, inappropriate
and unfair hindrance
to her ethical obligation to participate in
Vermont’s democracy.

From the table of Emily Peyton,
on the campaign trail at Magnolia Restaurant in Burlington VT 05346
Mailing PO Box 821 Putney VT 05346 cell phone 802 579-5524
Resident of Windham County at 33 Bellows Falls RD Putney Vermont
registered Independent candidate for Governor
From the table of Emily Peyton,

From: Emily Peyton [emilypeyton2012 [at]]
Sent: 10/8/2012 1:44:41 AM
Subject: Re: Case 1115B-F
Attachments: motion emergency injunction. gtg.pdf (96.67 Kb)

Dearest Interested Vermonters,
I have filed an emergency injunction to be included in public debates,
many Vermonters are simply unaware of the entrenched nature of the 2 parties,
and how unrealistic is it for alternative leadership to be presented.

The average Vermonter may think that it is from lack of interest of effort
that only two candidates are covered.

Not so.

If my emails are sporadic, it is because I am not organized to issue them
and I do not want to ply everyone with too many,
and I apologize for their obvious lacking.

There is an enormous amount of travel and effort involved here.

Here is the emergency injunction case in a different format,
Bruce couldn't open it before, apologies then for that.

The motion is for an emergency injunction for inclusion in the major media debates,
some of which have already happened.

This is despite the fcc rule which states if a media station holds a debate
and a candidate asks to be included
then they must allow it.

Apparently WCAX, BFP and others feel that the rule has been altered
so that in effect there is
no equal time fcc rule anymore.

The motion was more expensive to file than I knew, $263.-,
and more than a mere motion is the onset of a full case.

It has yet to be served because the cost of serving is $85.- per (x4).
I have yet to file for a waiver of the cost of filing,
that waiver they have 30 days to respond to,
thus the time factor of the emergency injunction is disregarded,
I will only have post-election recourse.

I have begun to ask supporters for public phone pressure on Burlington Free Press,
and WCAX for inclusion.

Of course there is not any polling that includes my name,
thus the polls are not indicative,
let alone the censorship of the major media
(BFP told me that in their experience the independents
never win more than 1%,
therefore since I was going to lose,
they are choosing not to cover the campaign,
let alone invite me to the debates).

This is a tough fight.
I am not hopeful that I can open up the doors.
I am also taking footage on the road for a future film.
The Vermont League of Cities and Towns, instead of including me,
allowed the Republican candidate double time,
and despite the fact that they are a non-profit and supposed to be unbiased.

I do apologize if my shorthand is sometimes difficult to follow.
Please understand the race is in full gear, I am hard pressed to fit it all in.
I am in and out of the car,
all over the state of Vermont showing up for the job.

I am thankful for your support and prayers.
the WCAX debate on the 13th and
the BFP debates are on the 23, 24th.

PO Box 4508
Burlington, VT 05406-4508
Primary Phone: 802-652-6300
Channel 3 News: 802-652-6397
Primary email: channel3 [at]
news [at]

Burlington Free Press Contact Us - (802) 863-3441


On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 9:44 AM, Emily Peyton wrote:

In leiu of a press release I send this to the media who has opened to me.
Hello dear CC,
This is the emergency injunction, I am sorry I haven't time to make individual address,
the filing fees were same as a case fee 263.+ . ALOT, I had expected 100, I am doubtful
that the court will be proactive and supportive of the open democracy that we are
focusing to happen, but I do beleive and see miracles and determination will get us everywhere.

I wish for a gal/guy friday for the help I need to cart things around at this top speed.
I have misplaced a thumb drive, I don't really care, but it does show that
I am juggling so much that some balls drop.
The thumb drive is educational for whomever finds it,
and one way to keep a transparent government is to litter
the country side with thumb drives.

The motion is rudimentary and lacks substantiating law, but frankly,
it is corrrect truth and worth the effort to pursue.

I have submitted also a request that the service of this be done
by a third party not the expensive sheriff,
although i met john Hathoway
who was openly supportive of the work in the lobby at security.

I do not expect or hope for such a good ruling, and in fact I expect little.
It is just the beginning, and it can end with inclusion.

What else..... If there is someone who thinks the might care press
please forward I haven't enough time myself currently.

ATTs Steve Howard and Sue Davis, ccd on this email,
I know you are going to cringe at the lack of substantiation,
I had 3 hours to prep it. So here we go,
with my gratitude for your comforting witness along this path to the new world,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Thomas Simon
Date: Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 9:26 AM
Subject: Case 1115B-F
To: emily peyton

Call or write Emily Peyton
802 579-5524
PO box 821, Putney VT 05346