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The Good Guy won an election in the Americas
by DLi
Sunday Oct 7th, 2012 9:16 PM
In a hotly-contested presidential election last night, the progressive candidate won by a 54-45 percentage. Voters were ecstatic that a government of, by and for the people won in spite of foreign-financed destabilization efforts to try to undermine the socialist-leaning rulling party. Of course, this particular election didn't take place in Washington, D.C.(because the Wall Street banksters wouldn't allow it), but it did happen in Venezuela.
The U.S. embassy, along with the cabal from the "National Endowment for Democracy," was understandably disappointed. President Hugo Chavez wil have one more term to wean the Venezuelan economy away from the threatening jaws of Privatized International Capital. Moreover, the Venezuela people will have 6 more years to develop a collective economy--alongside an increasingly cooperative ALBA commonwealth of Central American nations yearning to break free of the Iron Fist of the North American juggernaut--that will learn to survive the upcoming Collapse of Global Capitalism. Progressive citizens across the Planet are hoping and betting that the heroic Venezuelan people will succeed to get past the current Era of Peak Capitlaism. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the months & years ahead...
by midPac PCnik
Monday Oct 8th, 2012 12:08 AM
Chavez is one "unitary executive" in the Americas who uses profits from the oil industry to build homes for the poor and provide employment for the masses. Compare that record with the gringo counterpart who builds jails for the poor and provide prison jobs for the unemployed(not to mention launching thousands of drone strikes against overseas civilians!) , and the real difference becomes crystal clear. Bravo to "el poder del pueblo"!