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Vermonters Need More Facts About F35 Jets Carrying Nuclear Bombs Over Vermont!
by Cris Ericson (usmjp [at]
Saturday Oct 6th, 2012 7:41 PM
F35 Joint Strike Fighter Jets are designed to carry targeted nuclear smart bombs. Solar Flares are coming from the Sun and will affect communications on Earth for another year. Voters in Vermont should NOT vote for Candidates for Governor who will consent to the AirForce flying F35 Jets with Smart Bombs over Vermont.
Cris Ericson, United States Marijuana Party in Vermont, is on the Nov. 6, 2012
Official Election Ballot for Governor and for U.S. Senator, and
she does NOT want the AirForce flying F35s with targeted NUCLEAR smart bombs
over Vermont!

United States Marijuana Party candidate for Governor of Vermont,
Cris Ericson

Hello, I'm on the official election ballot in Vermont for Governor and for U.S. Senate.

It is legal to be on the ballot for one state and one federal office. Click on Elections and see the candidate list,
Cris Ericson is me.

I have some important questions and it would be a huge help
if you can e-mail me or call me
(802)875-4038 before the next live television Governor
candidate debate on Oct. 9, 2012 CCTV

The first debate I was invited to was on Oct. 4, 2012 on
Vermont Public Television/PBS

The problem is that most Vermonters think that the Governor is in charge
of all military.

I don't think that is true, and I want you to help clarify this for me.

In the Constitution of the State of Vermont, Section 20,
"The Governor shall be Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief
of the forces of the State..."

Well, does that just mean the U.S. Army National Guard in Vermont?

How can someone elected to State Office be in charge of any part of
the U.S. Army?

Where you must be suspicious is that you know that there are
medical marijuana laws in Vermont which are in violation of Federal
marijuana laws,
but that's because the Vermont Constitution,
Section 56 Oaths of Allegiance and Office,
...."you will not, directly or indirectly, do any act or thing injurious
to the Constitution or Government thereof."
and NO ONE has clarified
if this JUST MEANS the Vermont Constitution.

It does NOT say the
"United States Constitution",
so therefore, are you putting the
U.S. Army National Guard under a "Commander-in-Chief" meaning
the Governor of Vermont,
who may have NEVER sworn allegiance
to the United States of America?

This lack of clarification really bothers me.

Now, I really need to know if who ever wins the 2012 election for Governor
of Vermont (I am one of 5 candidates on the ballot)
can STOP the F35s
from being parked at the Burlington, Vermont Airport?

Most Vermonters I have spoken to do NOT want the F35s flying over
Burlington, Vermont.

Furthermore, the Air Force has NOT clarified
if they will carry, even for one hour of one day, or one minute of one
day, targeted smart nuclear bombs.

Furthermore, we want to know how "smart" these smart nuclear bombs

We want all the information. I really need some answers from you.

Remember, I'm on the ballot for U.S. Senate, too.
You need to contact me and give me the facts.
Cris Ericson
879 Church Street
Chester, Vermont 05143-9375

You know that it will make a very bad impression on the voters if you
don't tell me what I need to know.
(1) Is the Oath of Allegiance for the
Governor of Vermont
ONLY allegiance to the Constitution of the State
of Vermont,
and NOT to the United States of America?

If it is ONLY to
the State Constitution, HOW on Earth can you trust the Governor?

How on earth can people perceive that the Governor is in charge of the
U.S. Army National Guard?

(2) tell me about the F35s, everyone wants
to know about the nuclear bombs.

It might help if you send someone to the debate at
and appear in the audience with a uniform so the candidates can ask the
moderator to set up an additional microphone for you to help us understand
what is going on.

The censorship of the details of the transaction of the huge purchases of F-35's (65),tends to leave the impression that both governments are hiding numerous facts of these purchases. The price keeps going-up and still we cannot access how these planes are going to function.

The Public wants to know. Canada is 70% constantly opposed to the aggressive war policies of the Neo-Conservatives, such as the Harper Dictatorship, which declares that its 23.4% of the eligible voter response indicates a Mandated Majority.

In point of fact the avoidance of 76% who voted or wouldn't vote for Harper is the Majority of the people of Canada. I'm thankful of the Arab people and their arithmetic analysis they passed on to Canadian civilization, because it shows the lie of the Harperites. For sure 23.4% is not a majority.

Harper has been censoring the truths of POW transfer to torture, and also has been avoiding the fact that the high court of Canada has found him illegally disallowing the farmers control of the Canadian Wheat board the legally required law to organize a vote by the Canadian Wheat Board Members because he knows that he would lose.

The opposition has found that he is in Contempt of Parliament, and the High Court of Canada. He dictates that he does not have to obey any laws previously made by any other government, and as he has a mandated 'Majority' he makes all the laws as he presently sees fit with 'Omnibus Bills' and little debate time by the opposition so the Canadian people can understand what he is passing on them.

He cancelled the funds to the Kelowna Accord, and the women,s centres across Canada while setting up government controlled allowances to his appointees and cronies in the Neo-Conservative Party, after dropping the name Progressive from the conservative party of Canada.

He is almost totally in league with the United States of North American Monopolies, and leaves the socialist opposition, which is for an independent and towards a free Canada. He sells out our Countries Main means of Production to the Highest bidder such as our railways, stelco, and forests and factories and resources mainly to the U.S. Imperialist State.

He cancelled the environment green movement in favoring of projects such as the Tar Sands, which are opposed to the First Nations treaties that guarantee native rights as laws etc. He makes aggressive wars, that are illegal by the anti-fascist covenants such as the Nuremberg Trials, Geneva Conventions of war, and the United Nations Charter (which says the UN is brought into being to make war just a long distant memory for the comming Generations).

Very difficult way for the peoples to take power back, and all the Canadian main means of production and distribution.

Workers of the world unite!! End pollution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution. Ye yet have a world to win!!