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To Sound of Banging Pots & Pans DPW Paints Out Entire Front and One Side Of Mural
by Library Users Association
Thursday Oct 4th, 2012 10:25 PM
Rushing to destroy the Victor Jara mural the San Francisco Librarian Luis Hererra with the support of Gomez, president of the Library Commission and Supervisor David Campos painted over the Victor Jara mural.
To Sound of Banging Pots & Pans
DPW Paints Out Entire Front and One Side
Of Community-created Victor Jara Work

Library Users Association
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2/3 of Bernal Mural – Gone
To Sound of Banging Pots & Pans
DPW Paints Out Entire Front and One Side
Of Community-created Victor Jara Work
San Francisco, October 4, 2012 – As protesters banged on pots and pans and blew a whistle, two Department of Public Works workers rolled beige paint over the community-created Victor Jara mural on the Bernal Heights Branch Library this morning, covering over two of the mural’s three sides.
First they painted out the right front panel that showed pyramids – Mexican, Egyptian, and San Francisco’s Transamerica pyramid – and honored the United Nations, planet Earth, and children. Next they painted out the Victor Jara / Holly Near musical panel on the front left of the library, including the poetry in Spanish and English and the names of the singers.
By lunchtime they had painted over the Moultrie Street side’s listing of more than 20 artists who had helped to create the mural, including Arch Williams, who was a member of the Haight Ashbury muralists; Carlos Alcala; Jo Tucker; and Nora Roman, among others. And their paint rollers beiged out what remained of the panel honoring working women – and the people of Bernal heights “pulling down a monument,” which “represents the people … working together to change the social conditions which divide and oppress us,” as the library’s 30-year old opening day description reads.
Nora Roman, whose name is listed on the mural as one of the artists, sent a letter to the City Librarian and other San Francisco officials asserting her rights to 90 days notice under the California Art Preservation Act (CAPA), but the library administration evidently paid no attention.
“Crime in progress,” chanted one of the protesters, and then later, “Crime scene.”
Peter Warfield, Executive Director of Library Users Association which has worked to preserve the mural for the last year, said it was a sad day for the library and for the City.
“This represents cultural, artistic, and historic destruction – and the stealing of democracy for the neighborhood and the city,” he said. Others present to support restoration included Steve Zeltzer of UPWA, and Deetje Boler.
Mr. Warfield said that the mural supporters were considering options for future action.
§Destroying the Victor Jara Mural
by Library Users Association Thursday Oct 4th, 2012 10:25 PM
DPW painters were ordered by the Libary management to paint over the mural despite an appeal from one of the artists to stop the destruction.

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by Outraged
Friday Oct 5th, 2012 1:02 AM
When we see this complete fealty by organized labor to the capitalist class, over and over again, we wonder just what future do they expect to have? These are unionized workers in a city that would support them 100% if they shut down the city in protest over destroying a mural, yet they "just followed orders" just like good Germans in Nazi Germany. This is the same Department of Public Works that destroys homeless people's belongings and the same DPW that paints the Italian flag colors on light poles in North Beach to celebrate Columbus' genocide, an area of town that has been predominately Chinese immigrant since 1950. How much misery do the people in this country require to finally stand up and fight back?
by Robert B. Livingston
(robert.b.livingston [at] Friday Oct 5th, 2012 12:00 PM
Friends and fans of Victor Jara and his family-- and foes of fascists big and small should not forget this event-- an illustration (in San Francisco of all places!) of "the banality of evil."

Politicians should step in immediately and halt this destruction-- and announce a complete restoration of this community mural.