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"We struck Syria": Turkish press jubilant as Turkey marches to war
by Cem Ertür
Thursday Oct 4th, 2012 7:48 AM
Apart from a few exceptions, the entire Turkish press is treacherously rejoicing over Turkey's march to war with Syria.

Takvim, 4 October 2012

 “We struck [Syria]”

Syria was instantly retaliated after killing 5 of our citizens in [the Turkish border town of] Akcakale by mortar fire. Military targets [inside Syria] have been destroyed one by one. Our howitzers turned Tel Abyad and Aynel Arus  – located 10 km across the border –  into hell. Damascus is in a state of shock.


"We struck Syria": Turkish press jubilant as Turkey marches to war

propaganda alert

compiled by Cem Ertür

4 October 2012

1)  Turkey's parliament authorises military action in Syria  (4 October 2012)

2)  Foreign Minister Davutoglu: Turkey would take part in a NATO war against Syria  (26 September 2012)


excerpts from:  Turkey's parliament authorises military action in Syria

BBC News website, 4 October 2012

Turkey's parliament has authorised cross-border military action against Syria, if required by the government.

The bill, which was passed 320-129, gives the government authority for one year to send troops into Syria or carry out strikes against Syrian targets. [...]

Turkey has been firing at targets inside Syria, in retaliation for the deaths of five civilians. Two women and three children died in Akcakale or on the Turkey-Syria border in shelling by Syria. [...]

The UN Security Council is to meet later, following a Turkish request for the body to take "necessary action" to stop Syrian "aggression".

Nato has held an urgent meeting to support Turkey, demanding "the immediate cessation of such aggressive acts against an ally".

The US, the UK, France and the European Union have already condemned Syria's actions.


excerpts from: Turkish minister says violence in Syria is threat for Turkey's internal security

PBS website, 26 September 2012

PBS:  If the United Nations won't act [against Syria], would Turkey ever join a coalition of the willing, that is, a coalition that's not U.N., but perhaps NATO and Arab-led, as it did -- as happened in Libya?

DAVUTOGLU:  Of course, in Libya, there was a U.N. resolution which created the base for this coalition of willing. But if U.N. cannot do anything, all the other options and measures should be on the table. [...]

PBS:  And Turkey would take part?

DAVUTOGLU:  Turkey is already taking part.

PBS:  No, I mean in a military sense.

DAVUTOGLU:  Yes, of course. [...]

[Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, interview with Margaret Warner of PBS' News Hour, aired on September 26th, 2012. Two days later, Mr Davutoglu delivered his speech at the U.N. General Assembly in New York]


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