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9 Of Many Ways Decriminalizaing Marijuana Saves The Government Money
by Plant Rights
Saturday Sep 29th, 2012 1:13 PM
a list of ways criminalizing pot costs a great deal of money
Continuing to keep marijuana illegal has

1. cost trillions of enforcement dollars in several decades for ATF, DEA, FBI
and local and state police departments.

2. has cost hundreds of billions in prison costs to cage nonviolent users, a
boon to the prison privateers and profiteers

3. has denied the tax revenue of working pot smokers to the government

4. has cost the government welfare dollars for busted famlies

5. has denied the government revenue on legalized marijuana (e.g. Colorado
generates tens of millions in revenue from pot sales for the state treasury)

6. has cost the government in fighting criminal cartels from Mexico, our own
country and elsewhere

7. has cost the government Medicare dollars for expensive prescription
painkillers (Republicans in the Senate like Frist and 1 term governor Romney
have approved the rape of the Medicare fund by physicians, hospitals,
prescription drug mongering international pharmaceutical companies, insurance
companies etc.

8. The poisons sprayed in Latin America and the US on pot plants cost a great amount of fuel, pilot salary, and poison purchase money.

9. The poisons sprayed to kill pot plants are lethal and add to human health problems.

We learned in the 1930's that we could not afford to keep alcohol illegal. It's
time to learn that now about marijuana.