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Vermont Farmers Want Candidate to Pay Them $50 to Attend Their Dinner
by Cris Ericson
Monday Sep 24th, 2012 7:12 PM
Vermont Farmers Want the U.S. Marijuana Party Candidate, Cris Ericson, to Pay Them $50.
to Attend Their Dinner. Apparently the farmers in Vermont are so wealthy that they all are paying $50. each to attend their dinner. Why are the farmers in Vermont so rich?
Why are the farmers in Vermont so rich they can afford to pay $50. per person for dinner?
Why do they invite political candidates to dinner and charge the political candidate $50. to eat with them?

The Vermont Farm Bureau sent political candidate Cris Ericson an e-mail inviting her to their dinner if she can afford $50. to pay them. This is her response, and their e-mail invitation to her is below. Cris Ericson represents the United States Marijuana Party in Vermont and she is on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot for Governor and for United States Senator running against incumbent Bernie Sanders, whose socialism policies keep poor people poor, rather than helping them up out of poverty.

From: usmjp [at] [usmjp [at]]
Sent: 9/24/2012 6:26:27 PM
To: gwheelervfb [at] [gwheelervfb [at]]; cshinsdale [at] [cshinsdale [at]]; tim [at] [tim [at]]
Subject: Please read this at your dinner! from Cris Ericson
Dear Ginny Wheeler,
Please read this at your dinner at the Killington Grand Hotel.

Hello! Ginny Wheeler and Vermont Farm Bureau,
I hope I can make it to the "Candidates Reception"
but the price of dinner is beyond me.

I receive Social Security Disability and Food Stamps.
Food Stamps are $200. a month added to $770. month
Social Security. A $50. meal ticket is 1/4 month's food.

A few years back, home owners on food stamps received a
notice: use some of your food stamps to buy seeds.

Then, about a year ago, an inspector from a low income
program came and they traded my old freezer for a new one.

I grow pole beans, collard greens, broccoli, lettuce,
tomatoes, onions, thyme, etc.

It is excruciatingly painful to garden because the
Vermont Board of Medical Practice "criminalized"
prescription pain killers. Now, doctors won't
prescribe them without forcing patients under duress
to sign a "pain contract" to be drug tested for
illegal drugs.

I am 60 years old and have never been charged in
court with a drug offense, so naturally, I take
offense at the State of Vermont Board of Medical

I believe doctors have no legal right to charge a
patient with a crime, and with-holding pain medication
unless a patient takes drug urine tests is certainly
charging a patient with a crime.

I believe there is a possibility that doctors are
getting kick-backs from drug labs.

I have arthritis and a small herniated disc and
two pieces of broken sewing needle always hurting
in my right hand, and a blood disease, etc.

But, I go out and garden, because I can't
afford vegetables at grocery store prices anymore.

I'm in pain all the time, and that's why I run
as a perennial political candidate.

The new medical marijuana laws are useless to
poor Vermonters who receive food stamps or
any other benefit that involves federal tax dollars
because if they apply for a medical marijuana card
they will lose all of their federally subsidized
benefits like subsidized housing, food stamps,
medicaid, medicare, etc.

I don't receive any prescription pain killers
now because I won't give up my rights, ever again,
and suffer warrantless
searches of my urine ( I did take a drug urine test
once in 2005 because the doctor refused to give me
a prescription for herpes medicine if I didn't, and
that was extortion, the doctor is a criminal in my
mind for extortion, and the drug test came back
negative, and he lives around the corner from me,
you can't imagine what that feels like.)

Wealthy people in Vermont who don't receive federal
benefits can get a Vermont medical marijuana card
because they are not at risk, under federal laws,
of losing benefits.

The whole "benefits" program keeps people poor.

I can't even get a Walmart credit card for use at
Walmart because they consider my credit rating
non-existant. It's non-existant because I've
recevied "benefits" and have no credit card.

I argued with Walmart, after all, you can't buy
anything in one lump sum when your income is only
$770. a month plus food stamps.

I explained to their credit department that I
receive $770. month disability, $200. month
food stamps, medicaid, medicare,
medicare plan D, and about $1200. year fuel assistance,
about $3,900. a year property tax adjustment
and my home is assessed at $220,400. and
I have no mortgage. I am fiscally conservative
and responsible;
and what do I get for that? No credit card!

Furthermore, the "benefits" system keeps you down
because if you do purchase anything worth $250.
or more, you have to report it, and you could
lose "benefits" for having something "valuable".

How can anyone get a modern computer?
I'm typing this on an old computer on dial up

How can I ever get off of "benefits"?

I think I have a lot to add to the conversation
in Vermont, but I might not have the gas to
get there, and I'm driving a 2001 Ford that
could fall apart anytime. The heater doesn't
work anymore, so maybe I'll see you all and
maybe I won't. I'll try.

Cris Ericson
Vote for Cris Ericson for Governor of Vermont
and Vote for Cris Ericson for
United States Senator for Vermont,
because I'm tired of Bernie Sanders
socialism that is geared to keep people down.

------- Original Message -------
From : Ginny Wheeler[ mailto:gwheelervfb [at] ]
Sent : 9/24/2012 10:16:33 AM
To : cshinsdale [at]; tim [at]
Cc : gwheelervfb [at]
Subject : RE: Vermont Farm Bureau 97th Annual Meeting

You are invited to the "Candidates Reception" at the
97th Vermont Farm Bureau Annual
at the Killington Grand Hotel
in Killington on November 2nd at 5:30 p.m.
your chance to interact with farmers,
gather last minute votes,
celebrate the work of Farm
and visit with old and new friends.
The reception is FREE
and will be followed by
dinner if you choose to stay,
at only $50 per person.
Please include us on your calendar,
call Ginny at the Farm Bureau office at
(802) 434-5646 or email her at gwheeler [at] to
let her know you are coming to the reception
OR dinner.
This is the Annual gathering of
Elected Delegates from all fourteen County Farm Bureaus
meeting to determine our
legislative goals
for the coming session.
As you may or may not know,
Farm Bureau is having
a fun "Super Purse" raffle
at their Annual Meeting on November 2nd.
The "Farmers Super
Purse" is a creation of Addison County’s' Bill Scott,
and involves 119 tickets each sold
for $100,
and a single ticket
that will be raffled off at the Vermont Farm Bureau Annual
Meeting Dinner.
The top prize is $2500!
AND, a prize for every fifth ticket drawn will
make the evening even more fun!
The 119 tickets will sell out fast,
so now is the time to
send in your check to the Vermont Farm Bureau Super Purse.
There will be a complete list
of each person who purchases a raffle ticket,
along with the ticket number they have
The list will be published and available at each place during the Annual
By the way, did I say that the Dinner Theme this year is "Country"?
We'll have
good old fiddling,
square dancers
and fun at the dinner.
There's a Candidates reception to
start the political ball rolling
and that will begin at 5:30
on November 2nd, followed by
the dinner at 6:30.
The Killington Grand is this year's location,
so why don't you plan on
it now!
Send your super purse check
or credit card number
in NOW
for your choice of
or later if a specific number does not impress you.
First come, first served on
the numbers,
and the tickets are going like hotcakes.... Vermont Farm Bureau117 West Main
StreetRichmond, Vermont 05477