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Leon Panetta, an inveterate Wolf in Sheep's clothing
by DLi
Thursday Sep 20th, 2012 4:35 AM
The recent visits to Japan and China by US War Secretary Leon Panetta proved to be a case of "Dancing with A Warhawk." Even though the hardline ex-CIA chieftain tried hard to conceal the militarist "pivot to the Pacific" as a non-threatening "re-balance" of its offensive forces, the reality of that policy clearly reveals the "containment" of a rising Chinese influence in the region. In particular, his lip service to "peaceful cooperation" with China is in sharp contrast to the openly-biased stance of the USA empire's reliance on using the US-Japan Treaty as justification in unilaterally assigning the Diaoyu/Senkaku islets to Tokyo's jurisdiction.
Moreover, the checkered history of Panetta's hawkish record is well documented. As chief of the notorious CIA, he brazenly and vigorously defended the secretive renditions policy as well as its drone assassinations program. With even more hypocrisy and hubris, Panetta also painted the ilegal and immoral US Occupation of Afghanistan as a mission for "peace and freedom." Hence, no objective observer should be fooled by his latest posturing in Beijing that all Washington desires is genuine peace and stability in the Pacific region. If it were so, why has the United States surged its buildup of offensive forces to new or upgraded bases ranging from Australia, Philippines, Guam, So. Korea, Okinawa and Hawaii(in addition to seeking new base usage for its navy ships in Vietnam and Singapore)? Indeeed, Panetta's pathethic "double dribble" is just a PR fig-leaf cover for the same old "Full Spectrum Dominance" Iron Fist that has formed the consistent hallmark of US Imperial strategy ever since it unleashed 2 of the most terroristic--and history's only--nuclear attacks on civilians in August of 1945. Need we say more?