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Regarding Mitt Romney and his 47% Dependent on the Government Comments
by Sandi Trend (biotechharm [at]
Thursday Sep 20th, 2012 1:06 AM
Tell the truth to the American taxpayers! WHY is there a high rate of Americans on Social Security and federal and state medical programs? BECAUSE EMPLOYERS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES DUPE THE SYSTEM; it's called FRAUD, CONCEALMENT, CORRUPTION and COLLUSION against the American worker.
Regarding Romney and his 47%; dependent on the government comment:

MANY of the 47% would NOT BE on Social Security, Medicare and/or state financial assistance; IF corporations; who have caused injury, illness and/or diseases to their present (or past) employees, due to unsafe and unhealthy workplace environments, would pay for these injuries, illnesses and/or diseases and NOT pass their liabilities off to Federal and state programs.

To receive medical care and get compensated; these people have to go through the Worker's Compensation (WC) system. WC is the EXCLUSIVE REMEDY in most states when one is injured or gets ill on the job. Employers are REQUIRED to have Worker's Compensation Liability Insurance (much like car and home owner insurance) to cover their employees should they get injured or sick on the job. The premiums paid by the employer are TAX WRITE-OFF's as a business expense.

The dirty little secret here is most state's Workers' Compensation Systems are run by the very insurance agencies that are to assume liability for worker's compensation claims. NUMEROUS judges in the WC courts; who decide the fate of the injured and/or ill employee. are from these same insurance agencies AND favor the business over the employee. Injured and/or sick employees have no other choice but to file for Social Security and Federal or state medical services because the workers compensation systems and the insurance agencies force them to do so.

State Workers Compensation systems are CORRUPT
by Lasloe Justus
Thursday Sep 20th, 2012 6:38 PM
I learned of the treachery in Workers Compensation too late, after I was injured and applied for benefits. The statements by Romney are before the election and everyone needs to think about what he said. He doesnt apologize or backtrack he does not care about half of the population.