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"Stove-piping" the bogus narrative of Libyan violence
by DLi
Sunday Sep 16th, 2012 3:57 AM
When you lie down with dogs, you will get bit by fleas!" That's an old-age adage that describes the Imperialist regime change policy of the USA empire in Libya. Since it chose to organize & arm thousands of thugs and terrorists in order to overthrow Gaddafi's regime, the Evil Empire is now facing the ugly consequences of "blowback."
But the corporate-bin-Laden media inside the Empire has opted to regurgitate the bogus narrative handed down from the White House: that milions of Muslims get inexplicably roiled by rumors of a video trailer that denigrates the prophet Muhammed and then acted out their irrational rage by attacking diplomatic offices of America. Conveniently left out is a true expose of decades of Imperialist policies that support repressive dictators and emirs in the Arab world. Plus 60-plus years of absolute support of Israel's racist oppression of Palestinians. But in the fraudulent narrative put out by the Wall Street-Pentagon elite, none of that sordid history has anything to do with the popular masses rising up in anger.