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Disturbing Video of NATO-funded torture in Syria censored by YouTube
by Steve in Oakland
Wednesday Sep 12th, 2012 10:57 PM
Syrian Girl's video of NATO funded Syrian "insurgents" torturing and beheading prisoners was censored by YouTube after being available for only a short time there. Syrian Girl relocated the video to
WARNING: Syrian Girl's video shows very disturbing footage of the "Free Syrian Army" torturing and killing people. We hear so many references to "the brutal dictator Assad," but all the western media is sycophantic to the core when it comes to the phoney "Free Syrian Army," always referring to the FSA as "rebels" and "insurgents," rather than as the crazed jihadist crusaders they actually are - truly armed and dangerous! You don't even have to imagine what these sadistic goons would be like if they had state power - just look at Egypt and Libya.

The "Free Syrian Army" is not free, unless you think of torture, mayhem, and murder as being freely given by them. The "Free Syrian Army" is not Syrian, for the most part. Religious fanatics and mercenaries are recruited by Western intelligence agencies worldwide, and turned loose on the Syrian people. The "Free Syrian Army" is not an army: It is a band of cold-blooded killers, often at war with one another. The French have said they would recognize any government the "Free Syrian Army" could cobble together, which would then give them an excuse to intervene directly on the side of the torturers and murderers.

Imperialism sucks, no?
§Syrian Girl analyzes recent events in the Middle East
by Steve in Oakland Sunday Sep 16th, 2012 6:00 PM
Syriangirl Partisan's weekly analysis of events in the Middle East

Syriangirl Partisan analyzes recent events in the Middle East, and predicts the election of Mitt Romney. One point about the recent lynching of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya especially popped out to me: "the result has also been a backlash against US imperialism in the muslim world and the blow up of the Libya and Syria narrative of democratic protesters instead of sectarian gangs." The Free Syrian Army is a myth - they are thugs and murderers, just as the "pro-democratic forces in Libya" are, as Ambassador Stevens found out the hard way.