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Collateral damage(of Imperial intervention)comes to US embassy in Benghazi
by DLi
Wednesday Sep 12th, 2012 8:58 PM
The killing of US ambassador in Libya and 3 other State Dept. staff is a direct consequence of US and NATO's Imperial regime change policy. Last year, after NATO forces dropped thousands of bombs and shipped in tons of lethal weapons to aid the rebels, the Gaddafi regime was violently overthrown by a loose coalition of tribal militias, gangs of armed thugs, and openly-admitted al Qaeda elements. Untold thousands of Libyans were killed, and the already tribally-divided society quickly dissolved into destabilized enclaves, many of whom remain lawless armed camps with their own respective militants and still do not answer to the Western-installed central government. This is the hornet's nest that was predictably unleashed by the violent regime change policy of the US-led mad C.O.W.s(Coalition of Oilers & Warmongers).
Because the current Libyan governing council is fundamentally the product of outside foreign interests, not the outcome of a genuine citizens' alliance of democratic forces, the resultant chaos and bitter score-settling by various tribal groups is now the primary legacy of Western Imperialist intervention. This is the basic background of current instability in the aftermath of Gaddafi's demise. Thus, it is crystal clear that whichever Western "superpower" that instigated the violence against Tripoli last year is the primary culprit in today's Lawlessness. Hence, the latest killing of American representatives constitutes the unpredictable but inevitable "blowback" of Washington's aggressive and militant foreign policy objectives. However the White House chooses to blame the killings on "extreme elements," keen observers ocnclude that more violence and instability will continue to reign in this part of oil-rich North Africa.
The asinine criticism from GOP's Mitt Romney on Obama's handling of the Libyan consulate burning reveals more than the political desperation from the Romney camp. On a deeper level, it reflects the dilemma facing the ruling elite of a declining USA empire. In today's difficult days facing Washington--losing economic leverage and exhausting its so-called 'soft power' options all across the Planet, the military option(plus its related option of regime change destabilization policies)is now the only strong arm of US Imperialism. But as shown by the debacles in both Iraq and Afghanistan, even that Big Stick doesn't work anymore. So the Yankee Wall Street-Pentagon ruling elite is in a no-win conundrum: either accept the decline of the Evil Empire gracefully, or double down on more overseas miltary interventions, which can often result in unpredictable "blowbacks." Hence, the previous 5-decade-long unity between the Repugnicants and the Dim-o-craps on US foreign policy of attaining Full Spectrum Dominance has now given way to open bickering and infighting between the 2 corporate-bin-Laden parties, on how to reverse the rapidly declining fortunes of a moribund Capitalist "superpower." And so far the vicious dogfights are looking uglier by the week... Stay tuned.