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Will Obama's betrayal of medical marijuana cost him the election?
by Johnny Marijuanaseed
Monday Sep 10th, 2012 12:37 AM
As Jimmy Kimmel said when he had Barack Obama on as a guest, "Don't you know that potheads vote?" After campaign promises in the last election to not waste Department of Justice resources on harassing medical marijuana providers, once elected Obama did an about-face and launched a draconian attack on these very same providers.
Although he promised to not waste Department of Justice resources on harassing medical marijuana providers, President Obama has done a total about-face and unleashed a draconian campaign against these very providers. Eric Holder of the Justice Department and other Elliot Ness wannabes [like U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag] have been carrying out direct assaults on medical marijuana dispensaries, and legal harassment like the recent "asset forefeiture" attack on Harborside Health Center. Over 50% of the American public supports the legalization of marijuana, and an even larger percentage supports the legalization of medicinal marijuana. When Jimmy Kimmel asked Obama why this sudden change in policy, Obama dissembled and obfuscated with a rambling statement that said "it's illegal." Illegal, of course, by medieval federal regulations, but legal for medicinal use by state regulations, such as the ones we have in California. Why the president is so contemptuous of the very people who had voted for him by a large margin in the last election is open to debate. In a very close election, like this one is shaping up to be, President Obama could very easily end up losing to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan because of his duplicity. We will have him to thank if the two Republican Randists end up in the White House.