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Free Bradley Manning: LGBT Community Step UP!
by R. Robertson
Sunday Sep 9th, 2012 11:56 AM
On September 6th a national day of action to free Bradley Manning was held across the nation. In more than 25 locations, people called for President Obama to take action to release the whistleblower from jail. Most actions were held in front of Democratic campaign headquarters during the Democratic National Convention.
James Lee, a member of Occupy Redwood City and also of the LGBT community, speaks into the megaphone in front of Democratic campaign headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. He says it is a shame that the mainstream gay rights movement has tied itself to the Democratic party. While it has worked to let LGBT people serve in the military at the same time it is doing nothing about Bradley Manning.

Turning to the entrance of the Democratic campaign office to be clearly heard, he says "we have sisters and brothers inside the office" but since 2006 they have not been with us in the anti-war movement. David Ledesma, a deeply committed anti-war activist who lost his brother during the Vietnam war, joins other demonstrators in shouting their approval of James' anti-war message.