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Stand off between GDRC and Tree sitters to save last stands of old Redwoods
by Abe Brower
Friday Jul 13th, 2012 9:54 AM
At above 150 ft tree sitters are perched defending a forest area along the trail to Strawberry Rock since oct 2011 .

GDRC started clear cutting in the area again june 28 . GDRC is know to fall trees right around tree sits in the past and were recently audited by the FSC...
For immediate release:

Humboldt County, CA – Redwood Forest Defenders, a group of citizens
risking their lives to defend the forests, have entered a woodlands on
the edge of Trinidad, CA, that is a last stand of residual redwoods.
This new environmentalist group has formed to defend what remains of a
once expansive, majestic forest that has been ravaged by poor forestry
practices. Tree sits were put up in response to the approval of the
Timber Harvest Plan 1-10-137. Clear cutting in this area began June
28th. These 114 acres contain a mixture of aged trees, mainly Redwoods
between 70 to 450 years old, and has a variety of wildlife including
flying squirrels, wood peckers, falcons, owls, osprey and rare plants
that are not protected by CEQA.,

“There are multiple trees that have been occupied since October 2011,”
stated Abe Brower, spokesperson for the Redwood Forest Defenders.

The landowner, Green Diamond Resource Company (GDRC), headquartered in
Seattle, WA, owns 400,000 acres in northern California. GDRC’s
preferred method of forestry is clear cutting. The company claims
these beautiful trees, including old growth, are dying and decaying
,so they sell them as “high quality wood products” to large, corporate
box stores like Home Depot and Lowes, etc. as well as exporting them
to China and Indonesia. This property, frequented by locals and
travelers alike, provides enjoyable hikes with a stunning 360 view
from “Strawberry Rock”. At least 100 people a week hike this wildlife
sanctuary (approx..10,000 a year). Browers continued, “This area
should be a no brainer for Neil Ewald of Green Diamond Resource
Company. This “THP” should be cancelled and the 1000 acre area of
forest land should be preserved as a park for the community.”

Since the June 28 "start up" of the Timber Harvest Plan (THP), the sounds
of logging have been heard by tree sitters near by. One of the tree
sitters named Hooler said, "I can hear them clearing the forest. It’s
an awful sound!" Due to adjacency restrictions, GDRC is only
permitted by law to log two of the five last stands around the area of
Strawberry Rock until mid-August. In one of theses areas, tree sitters
are perched in the canopy over 150 feet high. They are protecting a
small portion of the THP in some of the last "residual old growth"
trees remaining in Trinidad. "We hope to save the whole area," stated
Hooler, “And we are putting a call out to our surrounding community to
support us and help save this beautiful place."

Just a month ago Green Diamond cancelled a THP due to the 4-year
occupation of over 50 trees on ten acres outside Eureka, CA by a
different group called Earth First Humboldt! Redwood Forest Defenders
believe this area of Trinidad should be saved as well.
It is the last viable habitat in this area for declining species. This
is a small example of the horror GDRC has unleashed against the
forest. GDRC has committed over 50 clear cuts in the Redwood Region in
the last three months despite being audited by the Forest Stewardship
Council. The standoff between Redwood Forest Defenders and GDRC is due
to poor California environmental laws. “It is ecocide, plain and
simple,” explained Mr. Brower.

Contact Info:

Spokesperson, Abe Brower (707 845 1643)
Trinidad Tree Sit (707 382 8270)
Email redwoodforestdefenders [at]