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SF Bay Area OccuPride 2012
by SF Occupride
Tuesday Jun 19th, 2012 4:37 AM
The Anticapitalist + Radical Queer and Allied response to the commercialization of SF Pride.
Please join us at 10:00am @ Mission and Main in SF, June 24th 2012, for OCCUPRIDE.
Please be on time!
Bring something that represents 'COMMUNITY' to you (a musical instrument, plants, inflatable furniture, etc.).

Rally at 2:30 @ Compton's Cafeteria site (Taylor and Turk)

The Pride celebration has become increasingly commercialized, co-opted by corporate interests that use our struggle for liberation as a market for commodities and a way to boost profit.

These interests – the top of the 1% – parade status quo candidates and parties for our consumption, wearing a progressive mask of LGBT equality while marginalizing and criminalizing the poor and disempowered. In doing so they seek to divide our community, catering only to those of us with money to spend. But the queer and trans communities are more than the affluent; we are also the disempowered, the homeless, the sick, the victims of discrimination and violence.

So we must Occupy Pride. We honor our radical roots in our fight for full liberation for all of us – women, people of color, immigrants, the disabled, all the oppressed and marginalized. We are diverse, joined together in struggle – we are the 99%. We must tear down the barriers that divide us to build and nurture an inclusive community, celebrating our forgotten histories and those of us excluded from corporate Pride. Together we will reclaim the parade, bringing it back to its origins: a march for the liberation of all oppressed peoples! Housing, health care, living wages, protection from discrimination – human rights are queer rights! There are no spectators.

This is about Pride, not profit.
We are a movement, not a market.
We are communities, not commodities!

* This is not an attack on the Pride parade or its organizers, nor is it an attempt to disrespect any ongoing work of members of our community. It is an attack on the corporatization and commercialization of the parade and our communities!
bayareaoccupride [at]
Twitter: @bayoccupride