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KPFA's Davey D. and KPFA Listeners on Ross Mirkarimi and Selective Prosecution
by Davey D./KPFA Morning Mix
Thursday May 31st, 2012 4:23 PM
On Tuesday, May 30th, KPFA's Davey D. asked KPFA listeners to call in and help him think through San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's attempt to oust elected San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi from office, and its sharp contrast to the police violence, most of all violence against young Black males that continues to be tolerated in San Francisco and Oakland.

KPFA Host Davey D. Cook, KPFA, and Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

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by tami bryant
(tamibryant [at] Thursday May 31st, 2012 9:31 PM
Thank you for your piece on this today! Sheriff Mirkarimi was my District Supervisor for seven years. We were suffering an epidemic of tragic, youth homicides... With his vision and commitment, our neighborhood became safer, from a compassionate angle, and social-justice oriented approach. I am posting the link to the petition to reinstate Sheriff Mirkarimi. People are again dying in San Francisco, and we need to let the Sheriff get to work! I hope your listeners will sign!
by Keeping score
Thursday May 31st, 2012 10:53 PM
As Tami Bryant said in the public comment, there were 2 overflow rooms for this May 29 Ethics Commission hearing; San Francisco is outraged at the waste of our tax dollars on this political witchhunt that has nothing to do with official misconduct. Election Fraud Ed Lee, a Democrat, wants to prevent any investigation into his election fraud, which a sheriff can do, and prevent any interference with evictions and foreclosures, which Sheriff Mirkarimi was doing. Ross Mirkarimi did not engage in any official misconduct. He had a disagreement with his wife who wanted to take the baby to her native Venezuela again, which she had just done a few months earlier for 2 months. He was in his driver's seat with the seatbelt on when he reached toward her and her arm was slightly bruised. That was the end of the dispute. He turned his car around, which was the basis for the false imprisonment plea so as to end an expensive and hopeless criminal case, and took his family home. When the wife refuses to cooperate in domestic violence cases, the case is usually dropped. All the Mirkarimis needed was marriage counseling. That was the whole case. The Democratic Party of San Francisco is a rotten, election frauding criminal gang, as is the Republican Party. Apparently Ross did not understand that when he left the Green Party which he founded and joined the Democrats. Viewing the video of both the April 23 and May 29 hearings on the Ethics Commission website, it is clear this frame-up of Mirkarimi is a vicious attack on the black workingclass community, who turned out in full force at both hearings, to defend Mirkarimi as they are the most affected by the sheriff's department. I hope KPFA gives Ross Mirkarimi a full hour's interview on the Morning Mix, stressing the political frameup as that is certainly what this is. Removing a duly elected official from office, and adding insult to injury, without pay, is by definition a political attack.
by Ann Garrison
Monday Jun 25th, 2012 6:37 PM
Yes, Ross should get some time on the Morning Mix. I talked to Public Defender Jeff Adachi about his case on the Monday Mix,, but Ross should be on the Mix himself. I'd like to hear him talk to Davey and take some calls.