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Chancellor Reed Needs to Listen!
by Anaid Carreño
Tuesday May 8th, 2012 12:01 AM
Due to the reoccurring budget cuts and fee hikes there are many students are suffering the repercussions. More attention needs to be given to those in charge of the CSU system and where the money for our education and our future is really going.
In 2007-2008 tuition was $2,772
2011-12 School year tuition is $5,472
Education is too expensive for students who are trying to pursue higher education. It is ridiculous that tuition has gone up 242% since2002 tuition now is $5,472 and pending to increase. There are students dropping out because they cannot afford tuition and there is no improvement in the classes or raises given to faculty and staff who have to double their workload, so where is the money going? Education is a right not a privilege education should be prioritized. Students, Faculty and Staff should have a say in the decision making during the board of trustees meetings and actually be listened to. I have been to board of trustees meetings where students, faculty and staff state their demands and ideas to better the situation but are not listened to and ignored by trustees who are too busy fidgeting with their electronic gadgets. It is time that Chancellor Charles B. Reed and all of the board of trustees consider and apply what we have to say. This is our future that they are dealing with. I am student in the CSU system because of the reoccurring budget cuts I will be in debt when I graduate.

Anaid Carreño