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Hikers Held Hostage by Iran To Marry on Saturday May 5
by Press release
Friday May 4th, 2012 6:11 PM
Hikers Held Hostage by Iranian Regime To Marry
On Saturday May 5, 2012, in a private ceremony among friends and family, former Iran hostages Sarah Shourd and Shane Bauer will marry, in a setting in California chosen for its pastoral beauty.

In July 2009, Sarah and Shane left their home in Damascus, Syria, where they were living and working, and visited the safe, Kurdish controlled region of Northern Iraq. There, they were hiking with their friend Josh Fattal in the vicinity of a popular waterfall, when an armed Iranian border patrol ordered the party toward them, across an unmarked border, and arrested them.

The Iranian regime falsely accused the trio of espionage and incarcerated them in notorious Evin Prison in Tehran.

Supporters of the Hikers around the world swooned a little when Shane tied a ring of thread around Sarah’s finger and proposed to her on January 10, 2010, during one of the short daily visits prison officials allowed the Hikers in a cement-walled courtyard.

Reflecting on her wedding, Sarah said, “Now that this day has come, all I can do is close my eyes and fill with gratitude, for our freedom, for the love of so many generous people around the world, and for the very soil under my feet.” Sarah, who since her release has written about the debilitating psychological effects of solitary confinement, a method of imprisonment also practiced widely in the U.S., added: “I want the same freedom for everyone held unjustly and under barbaric conditions, in Iran and throughout the world.”

Shane said, “Becoming engaged to Sarah while we were in captivity allowed me to dream of a future that was not only secure, but also beautiful. After she was released, I often thought of her as a hero, fighting tirelessly for Josh and I. Our wedding is also a victory. I only wish those who are unjustly detained or enduring inhumane conditions in the prisons of Iran, the United States, and around the world were able to enjoy their own celebrations of love and freedom.”

Josh Fattal will be Shane’s best man. “The day Shane proposed to Sarah in prison gave us all hope for the future,” Josh said. “Shane and Sarah are my best friends. Our bonds are unbreakable.”

Sarah and Shane are not available to be interviewed at this time but nevertheless wanted to share their good news with all those who have followed their story and provided support and well-wishes. Their wedding photographer Shea Roggio will post photos from the wedding for publication with purchase at