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Trans and Queer Voices on the Question of Civilization
by Trans And Extremely Dangerous (TransAndExtremelyDangerous [at]
Wednesday Apr 11th, 2012 1:45 PM
This is a call out for submissions of work, short articles, essays, poems, artwork and the like, by trans and queer (in the broad sense of the term) authors relating to the topic of civilization. Specifically, trans and queer people face a unique swarm of challenges when confronting the fact of civilization and it’s destructiveness. I hope to compile a collection of works that face these issues head-on, forcing them into the spotlight now rather than waiting for them to be sorted out in the aftermath of whatever ends up happening.
For the purposes of this collection I’m leaving the definition of ‘civilization’ intentionally broad, encompassing everything from the trappings of (Euro-centric) ‘civility’ to the nuts-and-bolts of infrastructure sustainability.

Topics might include the complicated relationship that some trans people have with the medical industrial complex (or non-industrial alternatives to it), the historical treatment of trans and queer people in different indigenous or settler societies, how queer resistance to assimilation relates to the question of civilization, etc. Works don’t need to be clearly or wholly anti-civilization, this collection will not be pushing any ideologically pure ‘line,’ however, since tacit arguments and apologies for civilization already exist everywhere in popular culture, I am looking primarily for critical works.

Submissions by particularly marginalized authors, such as trans women of color, sex workers and incarcerated folks will be favored for inclusion. The form (zine, book, blog, etc.) that the final collection will take depends on the size and number of submissions received. Unless otherwise requested, all submissions will be subject to basic grammar editing. Non-English language works welcome as long as translation is possible. Please email your submission to the supplied address both as an attachment and with the text pasted into the body of the email or in .JPG format for artwork, plus a brief description of yourself (to be included in the final collection unless otherwise requested) and any special instructions. Oh yeah, and who the hell am ‘I’ anyway? I’m a white, twentysomething, sorta-butch, pre-op trans lesbian, outdoorsy star trek fan for starters.

EMAIL TO: TransAndExtremelyDangerous @

For updates, discussion, etc:

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