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Union Buster and Privatizer "1 percenter" Newsom Gets The Bathroom Opened At The State Cap
by repost
Wednesday Mar 7th, 2012 9:14 AM
Union buster and privatizer Lt. Governor Newsom got outed by the Occupy Education people at the Sacramento Capitol
"1 percenter" Newsom Gets The Bathroom Opened At The State Capitol

Bathroom diplomacy: After months of feeling stuck in a do-nothing job, Lt. Gavin Newsom finally got a call to action the other day.

California Highway Patrol Commissioner Joseph Farrow - apparently impressed with Newsom's ability to relate to students - asked him to try to negotiate with the Occupiers who had taken over the Capitol Rotunda on Monday during a protest against cuts and tuition increases in higher education.

Newsom obliged, only to find himself being told by protesters, in effect, to "get lost, you 1 percenter."

After a bit of back and forth, Newsom realized everyone's nerves were frayed, in part because they had to go to the bathroom. Seems the CHP had closed up the toilets.

So Newsom called the commissioner and got the bathrooms opened.

He realized at that point that talking with the group was pretty much pointless, so he exited - quitting while he was still ahead.

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