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Chris Hedges Is The Defacto Government Agent Here.

by Lloyd Hart (dadapop [at]
But it's ok, we don't need Chris Hedges' permission to revolt.
Chris Hedges Is The Defacto Government Agent Here.

By Lloyd Hart

Instead of calling the Black Bloc a cancer Chris should have examined where the expression that collects in the Black Bloc is coming from. Why are people that identify with the Black Bloc expressing themselves this way? I tend to try to find some understanding. Chris Hedges is not an activist he is just a writer so he really doesn't understand how anti-poverty, eco activists and revolutionaries come to their commitment.

I identify with the Black Bloc because nuclear power killed my father and made me and my sister sick. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t want to smash something that would stop the madness.

Chris hedges unfortunately is desperate for an occupy movement that squandered all it’s public support and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations on an absolutely non-confrontational protest that changed absolutely nothing. What Chris doesn’t get about the public is that they will support someone that is willing to fight for them like the militant unions of the 1920s and 1930s but when Occupy chose not to say what they want when the world asked them “What do you want?” and then went side ways like all liberals, Occupy lost the moment and is now finished and not trust worthy. Chris is just upset and hasn’t realized that Occupy is just another progressive failure and he is looking to scape goat in the Black Bloc instead of joining the Black Bloc as the next natural evolutionary reaction to the wide spread poverty created by the democrats and republicans and their pals in the pentagon and on wall st..

The Black Bloc are the only ones responding appropriately to the madness all around us. If you can’t see that your blinded by your own comfort.

But it's ok, we don't need Chris Hedges' permission to revolt. The left has had to fight off liberals throughout history in order to get the job done and will do it again. Had the labor movement of the 1910s, 20s, and 30s listened to liberals like Chris Hedges we would have a minimum wage economy today,,,,,,,,oh yeah, right, we did listen to liberals for the last thirty years and we do have a minimum wage economy today. Damn.

What Chris doesn't get , that what is happening with folks in the streets is a response to a complete and utter betrayal by the 1% against the working people of this nation. You can call it Occupy or you can call it what it really is, a worker's rights movement. Occupy of course is finished as a tactic and only served as billboard advertisement of worker discontent any way. The reality is that as people see that they can't survive in the new screw the worker normal they will hit the streets in greater numbers and will get more and more militant.

The job growth Obama is bragging about doesn't even keep pace with the population growth entering the job market and the jobs being created are mostly minimum wage that can't possibly keep pace the the crippling and artificially inflated cost of living. So Chris by writing his immature and childish spat against activists attempting to deal with a well armed police state is beside the point.

With poverty radically deepening and democrats and republicans not wanting protesters on the streets challenging both parties for their corruption during a presidential election, protests are simply going to get more militant. In fact Chris Hedges in this context actually sounds like the one working for the government, the agent planting stories in the media trying to channel worker discontent into this falls phony elections where the workers get screwed anyway. How many free trade deals did Obama sign last year?
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