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Occupy Oakland: RECALL Mayor Quan and Dan Siegel (from Oak City Hall AND Pacifica Radio)
by Time For Media Justice
Thursday Oct 27th, 2011 1:14 PM
Dan Siegel, "legal advisor" and shill for Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, tried placate a jeering crowd and attempting to backpedal on the OPD's violence exacted on Scott Olsen. Siegel is dangerous not only to Oakland, his so-called "Save KPFA" group of station hijackers, who backed the managers responsible for the beating of station programmer Nadra Foster, he is also dangerous to the mission and future of Pacifica Radio. Meanwhile, the Pacifica National Board passed a Resolution condemning Mayor Quan. Read on...
Last night Oakand's KTVU Ch.2 and KGO in San Francisco caught Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's "Friend and Legal Advisor", Mr. Dan Siegel, speaking with his forked tongue to a jeering crowd, attempting to backpedal on the OPD's violence exacted on Scott Olsen.

Let's not forget: in the months preceding the BART police murder of Oscar Grant, Dan Siegel was legal counsel at Pacifica, protecting that (former) management team over the violent police beating of long-time KPFA radio programmer Nadra Foster, when the KPFA management called in the Berkeley Police Department to forcibly remove her from the station (she was in the process of producing segments for a radio program). As with the OPD's violence exacted on Scott Olsen, Dan Siegel sings a different song in the public sphere...

Siegel has since been fired as legal counsel, but with the backing of the so-called "Save KPFA" group that backed the managers responsible for the beating of Foster, managed to get himself onto the KPFA board, where he currently sits (and in direct conflict with his appointment with Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's office).

Coincidentally, last night the current Pacifica Board passed the following emergency Resolution:
"The Pacifica National Board wishes to express its strong condemnation of the actions of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and the Oakland Police Department for their brutal eviction of the peaceful protesters at Frank Ogawa Plaza on the morning of Oct 25. We call for the formation of an independent committee of inquiry to investigate the conduct of the Oakland Police Deparment and the other uniformed services that were involved in the eviction of the protesters at Frank Ogawa Plaza."

Dan Siegel needs to be recalled from both Oakland with Quan AND from KPFA/Pacifica.
And the so-called "SaveKPFA" group needs to go with him.