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Police Tear Down San Jose City Hall Occupation, 8 arrests
by Allie Mosca
Friday Oct 21st, 2011 1:24 PM
At 3 am today 8 police officers in 5 police cars arrested protestors outside city hall in San Jose. Those arrested were transported to county jail. The demonstrators are part of an international movement protesting corporate greed.
In the wee hours of October 21st, one person in a wheel chair was cited and released; eight others were arrested and taken to jail.

All of their belongings were taken by the Police and because of cut backs the SJPD property room is not open until Tuesday.

All the protesters were part of a tent "occupation" that had recently increased from 5 to about a dozen tents in front of City Hall and are part of the "Occupy" movement that started on Wall Street in New York City over one month ago.

The city of San Jose has, on at least two other occasions, allowed people to "occupy" the city plaza area where they have been in agreement with the content of the protestors' speech. But here, since the city was threatened by the content of the speech, the city has chosen to selectively enforce the ordinance, said a legal observer.
That legal observer also said that the ordinance itself is probably unconstitutional because it does not contain a process for granting a waiver of the fees associated with free speech rights.

According to the Mercury News, one of those eight was also arrested for felony vandalism because he allegedly scratched a patrol car. The Mercury also quotes Sgt. Jason Dwyer of the SJPD as saying that public urination was one of the reasons. The protesters have been using nearby restaurant bathrooms and even cleaning those bathrooms to thank the small business that are providing that service.

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by notafan
Friday Oct 21st, 2011 2:01 PM
That sucks guys. Santa Clara Police are especially right-wing nut jobs and I raise my glass to you for dealing with them and standing up for your rights. Hopefully something will be organized in the coming days to help everyone out. Especially court solidarity!

NOTE: police are welcome to join the 99% when they stand up against tyranny and stop arresting other 99%ers
I personally participated in the Occupy San Jose POLITICAL rallies by standing on the sidewalk and holding my signs. I did not participate in the camping out. I can say without question that the protesters that I saw when I was there were polite, well-spoken, idealistic, self-disciplined, law-abiding and self-policing. When they would walk from THE PEOPLE's City Hall to the park or to San Jose State University, they would make sure that NO ONE EVEN CROSSED THE STREET ON A RED LIGHT! As you can see from the photographs posted of Occupy San Jose, the tents and surrounding areas were extremely clean, neat and organized. I saw NO ONE URINATING or in any way excreting bodily waste on any public property! I specifically overheard one of the guys talking to another protester say that he was going to a restaurant for meals and would use the restroom at the restaurant.

The reason that others (Vietnamese) were allowed to camp outside of City Hall is because our San Jose elected officials cater to the Vietnamese community to get their votes and because of the sheer sizes of their numbers in our city. In addition, they court the rich VIETNAMESE BUSINESS OWNERS for political campaign “contributions.” By allowing the Vietnamese to camp out on OUR city property, the police and the City set a precedent to allow POLITICAL demonstrators to remain overnight on city property.

Since the City could not scare away the ralliers, they have now set loose on the ralliers the bullies and hoodlums that masquerade as SOME of our police officers. The citizenry who is exercising its CONSTITUTIONAL right to free speech are being attacked because the demonstrators stand for the anti-cancerous capitalism that has destroyed the lives of MILLIONS OF OUR CITIZENS and of their families.

With credit dried up, the working class has realized that they are NOT EQUAL to the rich and that the belief they once held that they could afford to obtain what they needed for themselves and their families (a home, a car for transportation, food, clothing, education, health care, medications, etc.) was ONLY AN ILLUSION. With that illusion destroyed, hopelessness and despair has set in.

A people without hope, who have little to lose, will take whatever action they deem necessary to bring justice to society and to create fairness for themselves. As a social observer, I can say without question that this is a very dangerous social and political time. It need not have come to this if only OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, AS WELL AS SOME OF OUR JUDICIARY AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS, HAD NOT BEEN IN CAHOOTS WITH THE RICH, passing laws and interpreting those laws in a way that hurt the majority of the people of this great nation and that benefited their rich friends, cronies, families, and those who grease their palms with bribes - AKA "political campaign contributions."