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"Little Bird" Tree-sits in People's Park; FSM Anniversary
by Oaks4Peace
Wednesday Sep 28th, 2011 11:12 AM
Today (9/28/2011) is Day 1 of "Little Bird's" occupation of a tree in People's Park, Berkeley. He has taken to the tree in preparation of the anniversary of the Free Speech Movement which began on Oct 1, 1964 with Jack Weinberg's arrest, and the subsequent surrounding of the police car in which he was placed. For 32 hours, the police car was surrounded by citizens protesting Weinberg's arrest, for failure to produce ID to a police officer, while stationing a CORE information table on campus.
On Friday Sept 30th beginning at 1PM, there will be a assembly in commemoration of the anniversary of the Free Speech Movement.

This tree sit is in opposition to police abuses by the UC Berkeley Police department, including the targeting of social and political protesters. Recent actions against student protesters and non-student activists must be accounted for:

UC Berkeley Police's Transphobia Problem:
UC Bekreley Police Choke Student in Tolman Protest:

This tree sit is also in opposition to the Telegraph Business Improvement Districts demands on the Park which include the installation of security cameras, the leveling of the berms, removing a substantial amount of trees/plants, and strict regulations against food distribution in the Park to the poor. There are demands to make the Park less tolerant of the homeless population and non-homeless poor population which use the services which come to the Park. The TBID has asked the UC to curb non-UC affiliated events and services.

This action is in solidarity with Occupy FDSF, a protest at the financial district in SF:
§Jack Weinberg (photo by Steven Marcus)
by Oaks4Peace Wednesday Sep 28th, 2011 11:12 AM
On Oct 1, 1964 Jack Weinberg was arrested for refusing to produce ID to an officer on campus, while distributing information on CORE (Congress of Racial Equality).