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The Truth about Global Sex Slavery - A Book by Lydia Cacho and other articles
by Sisyphe
Monday Sep 12th, 2011 2:23 PM
Review of Mexican author Lydia Cacho's book on global sex slavery and other articles publishes on Sisyphe's feminist website.
* «The Truth about Global Sex Slavery - A Book by Lydia Cacho»,
by Élaine Audet

Trafics - enquête sur l'esclave sexuel dans le monde, by Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho, is a book that sets itself apart from other writings on the international trafficking of women and girls - a "business" that, according to the author, proves more profitable than trading in arms or drugs. The book is poignant, not only due to the extreme courage shown by the author but also due to the fresh and lively writing style. It is direct and revealing, with no trace of complacency, and keeps us hooked until the last page.

Cacho manages to create the sense that we ourselves are experiencing the unbearable ordeal undergone by some 1.4 million women and girls that are bought and sold every year on the lucrative sex market, in order to constantly supply local prostitution markets with increasingly young, fresh flesh.

Over six years and across three continents (Latin America, Asia and Africa) the journalist has risked her life to dig up the truth about global sex slavery. She presents around 100 distressing first hand accounts of women and girls who have been kidnapped, raped, sold and trafficked like mere material goods, from one end of the world to the other, for the purpose of prostitution. She also gives a voice to the "survivors" who have managed to escape, and to all the campaigners who are fighting against this horrendous social plague - an industry that emerged during the 20th century, and "whose victims", according to Cacho, "will soon outnumber those of black slavery between the 16th and 19th centuries".
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* «Why reproductive rights and prostitution are not the same thing : A response to one decriminalization argument», par Meghan E. Murphy

The abolitionist argument has never been about 'cracking down' on women who work in the sex work industry but rather has been about ending male privilege, male violence, and the exploitation and abuse of women and women's bodies. It is about pointing out that, in a truly egalitarian society there is no 'deal' in which men are allowed access to women's bodies simply because they have the cash and women need the cash. In a truly egalitarian society we would not believe that men have this right or that men somehow need to use women's bodies lest they become violent or rape (which is an argument commonly used to support prostitution).
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* «Prostitution - The abolitionist project within the conference Women's Worlds 2011», par Lee Lakeman

* «Reasons I Will Not Go On the Slutwalk», par Rebecca Mott, writer

* «My fears of the push for indoors prostitution», par Rebecca Mott, writer

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