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Inhumane Injustice: Cruel and Usual Punishment
by Marlon Crump (marliniumn [at]
Friday Jun 10th, 2011 3:00 PM
My story of a woman who I not only consider as a lifelong friend and comrade for life, but a true Revolutionary Legal Scholar like me. I appeal to the universe for Christine Lynn Harris to FINALLY be granted justice that she truly deserves. It's her turn to be healed and for us all!
“Not only did they dismiss your case, but they didn’t even allow you to even be HEARD! Wow, it truly means that they are SCARED.”

My statement to Christine Lynn Harris, victim/survivor/thriver of covert terrorism, during and after we left the U.S. District Courthouse here in San Francisco , CA on June 10, 2011.

Tears were fought, held back by the both of us, internally and externally.

“All of this over a piece of paper!” she would often scream. “Well, it started with a piece of paper, but at least now it can end with a bunch of them.” I recently replied, jokingly. We both laughed wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately, there are others laughing too. Very sick, twisted, perverse covert perpetrators enjoying her day-to-day sufferings, and at her unrelenting efforts to heal every time she screams out for justice.

For nearly three years now, Christine Lynn Harris has suffered beyond the rationale of “Crimes Against Humanity” via covert terrorism and electronic harassment perpetrated by Satanic acts with Nazi notions committed by unknown, and known individuals. Some are so-called elected “public servants” and officials.

Her organs burned beyond human belief by a directed energy weapon. Blurred vision, shortness of breath, illegal towing of her car, theft of documents, harassing text messages, attacks upon her cats, hacks to her emails, constant spies, lazy/promised investigations, threats of rape and death by a covert perpetrated pay rolled by S.F.P.D even at the San Francisco Police Commission’s alleged “public hearings.”

“They want to rape you. They want to kill you and your family” Said Raj Naicker sadistically to Christine a few times upon her appearances. When I first saw him, last year, I immediately intervened when he approached her with a hyena-like demeanor. I politely warned him to back away. If he hadn’t, my fists were going to do the talking.

Isolated from the cold, cruel, and callous world around from being heard, extensively outreaching her issues; while exhausting her fixed income earnings, the hope sake just be heard.

My dearest comrade, community organizer and powerful ally Mesha Monge-Irizarry and I took Christine under our umbrella from acid rains of death, on February 19th, 2009. Since that time, she’s been on a quest for justice from an unjust, injustice (just-us) legal system.

My mentor/comrade/sistern for life, “Tiny” Lisa Gray-Garcia co-founder of POOR Magazine/P.N.N. published a series of my articles in relation to Harris’s above said issues due to the fact that POOR was practically the only media outlet that really cared about this issue:

Additionally, whereas my online letter to President Barack Obama, himself:

Throughout the years 2009-2010, despite the ongoing covert and overt attempts to discourage her attempts towards retribution in the legal system,
Christine self-persevered, and asserted herself even more while literally healing her body, maintaining her mind with the sole purpose to survive long enough to see all of her enemies in prison.

Was blind, but then she began to really see the ugliness of the real world around her as she appealed to SO many elected public officials who hardly listened to her…….like most politicians.

Just like me, since there was no attorney assistance, she decided to go her own route to seek justice in the court system. As a pro se litigant self-represented party. She decided to sue everyone involved with the hope her case leading to their lifetime imprisonment.

On February 22nd, 2011 (on my very birthday) Christine filed a federal lawsuit against the City and County of San Francisco, and other multiple parties named on her complaint, at the federal courthouse, in Oakland .

Sadly it would be somewhat short lived. Mysteriously, Christine’s case was transferred from the Oakland Division where magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler “was” to preside over case to the San Francisco Division of the U.S. District Court assigned to Judge Richard Seeborg.

Seeborg is a graduate of Yale College nominated by President Obama in 2009.

Weary weeks of excruciating extensive research (while swatting away spies/lies) turned into months of teamwork between the two of us in an effort keep up with processes such as “Response to Complaint” filed by the defendants/her enemies. Every single response submitted by all of them was significantly un-articulate and rambunctious.

At one point, Christine became so motivated that she actually decided to take the legal research on her own route and respectfully declining my wishes to help her. Stubborn-ing herself to seek salvation and victory against all said vile vicious acts against her indicated above. Truly, totally honorable indeed she was/is.

Giving the Devil his due, at least my own legal adversaries, Mark Lipton of the City Attorney’s Office and Carol Healey, attorney for Tenderloin Housing Clinic were at least articulate in terms of citation of law and motion in my federal filed case, four years ago. These particular lawyers for the defendants Christine named on her complaint could not, making our efforts easy in terms of research.

Her head was held up high for the very first time expecting to at least have her voice heard at a hearing in a judicial capacity, as I walked alongside of her at the Philip J. Burton Building (federal courthouse) located at 450 Golden Gate St .

Then both of our heads went down, and our hearts were sunk when we learned that there would be no hearing.

“My organs were burned and they don’t even at least want to hear me? Are you kidding me? Oh my God, f@#@# unbelievable!” She exclaimed.

An ultra sick, satanic system incurable…… a pedophile that refuses to believe they have a problem.

“In the warrior’s code, there is no surrender.”
Lyrics to “Burning Heart” by “Survivor.”

by SF T.E.C.
Friday Jun 10th, 2011 5:06 PM
When I first met Christine Harris in November 2008, her appearance scared me. She was gaunt, appeared physically exhausted, and recounted her ordeal with Electronic Torture in a calm tone of voice.

By the end of our 50-minute audience, I was convinced that she was clinically sound, as she did not display any paranoia with grandiose features.

Thanks to Christine, I became to research oirected Emergy Weapons on domestic grounds, and started to connect with thousands of "TIs" (Targeted Individuals), at the local, national and international level. Christine is on the forefront of leading their movement in the Bay Area.

I now administer a yahoogroup for the core team of IAACA (International Allance Against Covert Electronic Abuse), as well as 3 related yahoogroups. one in Spanish, one in French and one in English, that publish commensurate news, offer self help tips, and aim to break the isolation and foster socialization among TIs.
I am in touch for former workers at Livermore Lab in the Bay Area, that refined the DEW technology.

Please educate yourselves on the topic of Electronic torture. Some of your google searches will lead to controvertial, far fetched material, some will make perfect sense !
by Patricia Donalds
Saturday Jun 11th, 2011 9:24 AM
"Letters to America" - on all stalking crimes, corruption of law enforcement and corruption everywhere ~
by peter alexander
(leoroarbig [at] Saturday Jun 11th, 2011 12:53 PM
stupid is as stupid does....lost in space well just because
you'd rather protest you'd rather drink....rather than actually THINK
OR work with CODE PINK
and technology was used to trigger MK Manchurian Mehserle to shoot & kill Oscar Grant
but rather than actually continue choose to react
if you weren't insane due to Spiritual pain
the likes of you might take this clue
and work with Marlon Clump
or continue eating murdered animals and march down to the dump