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Take a Look at the California Lotto Act of 1984
by frankiejoe
Saturday Apr 16th, 2011 3:04 PM
As a california voter i was misled by our law makers and i want to know how many iothers were too. I was under the impression that 65 percent of all the lotto earnings was going to go to the california lower education school system, meaning high shcools jr high schools, elementary scools, and the state scools for the challenged and handicapped. I decided to read the California Act of 1984 and boy did i have a big suprise this act has the lotto money being funneled right back to the politcal system. Literally!!!!!

hello, Why is the lotto fund paying the jr state, state, and state universities, oh and the california state graduate law school. we ass americans specifically as californians need to step and and stop this gross neglegiance of our government officals. First off has anyone ever read this damned lotto act. it specifically details how the superintendents of lower education shcools is to spend the lotto fund and it also requires reciepts to justify the expenditures. Now here is the hitch when the lotto money is given to the higher education institutions it is given directly to the board of directors of that school and he can spend it as he sees fit.

Now how often do you think these colleges contribute to the campains of these politicians at this point any controversial expenditures of any of the state colleges should be looked at with great scutiny our wounderful govenour shwartenager had to be feeling some revenge when he recently revised the california act to increase the percentage of funds directed to the school system because he knows where it all ends up. the way that the lotto pays these institutions is by student per attendance per day. now san diego state university alone has 50,000 students enrolled per semester now thats just one of these state colleges how dose that compare to the nuber of students that attend your entire county. dont these colleges charge outrageous fees for every student and further more our state alotted funds supported the system before the lotto exsited where the hell is all this money going to these colleges should have lowered there freaken tuition tremendously but instead to satisfy the eye of the general public they are cutting classes to make it seem like they are hurting for funds as well . this is bull shit. what are we going to do i say start by putting arnold swartzenager in jail he most recently insulted our intelegence by changing a law that was already writen with a crooked unlawful premise and making it worse as to rub our nose int it for not passing his crooked plott to Privatize.HTML


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