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Alameda County Democratic Committee Fraudulently Endorses Regressive Tax Measure
by David Howard
Thursday Jan 6th, 2011 2:54 PM
Violating traditional rules and protocol which calls for hearing both sides of an issue, County Democrats last night endorsed a regressive school tax measure that gives big corporations a tax break at the expense of average homeowners

Bucking the national and statewide Democratic principles of supporting progressive taxation - the idea that the more you earn, the more tax you pay - the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee has endorsed a tax which increases taxes on the poor and middle class while lowering them on big corporations.

Measure A is a local school parcel tax that will increase school taxes by 65% for the average homeowner in Alameda, yet would implement a $7,999 tax cap for the biggest corporations in Alameda. The $7,999 cap represents a 16% reduction for big business from the tax cap in the existing school parcel tax.

Additionally, the average homeowner would pay 32 cents/sq ft, while Alameda Towne Center, with over $100 million in annual retail sales, would pay an effective tax rate of 1 cents/sq ft. The Oakland Raiders, whose headquarters is in Alameda, and who enjoy annual revenues over $200 million, would pay an effective tax rate of 8 cents/sq ft.

In taking this stand Alameda County Democrats are also taking on their own Democratic president and governor. President Obama and newly elected Governor Jerry Brown are strong supporters of charters schools and are even stronger supporters of treating all students equally.

Critics of the tax, and of the Committee's endorsement are calling the endorsement fraudulent because it was brought before the Committee and voted upon without being scheduled in advance, and opponents of the measure were not given equal time to present their argument. Critics say that such actions violate traditional committee rules and ethics.

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by '3rd Party'
Sunday Jan 9th, 2011 2:36 PM
One easy way to concretely protest against the Democrats is to change your voter registration status! Here in California you can get a postage-paid voter registration card at most libraries and post offices, and it only takes about a minute or so to fill it out and send it in!

There's no need to register with either of the two corporate-controlled "major parties" -- both the Green Party and the Peace & Freedom Party are official ballot-qualified parties here in California, that you can switch your voter registration to! (And next year you can think about switching back to Democrat for the primary elections, but for at least THIS YEAR, don't be a registered Democrat!).