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"Same-Old-Same-Old from the Corporate Media: the Oakland Justice for Oscar Grant Protests"
by Joseph Anderson
Monday Nov 15th, 2010 7:12 PM
Introduction by the very prominent San Francisco Bay Area radio journalist, writer and columnist, Davey D:

This article by Joseph Anderson is important on a number of fronts. First it details accurately much of what took place in Oakland, CA, on Friday night, November 5th, 2010, after the sentencing was announced. The writer, along with photographer and photo-journalist Jay Finneburgh, not only monitored and documented the Justice for Oscar Grant march, and subsequent wholesale mass arrests, but kept a phone line open to our studios so folks not inside the riot police lines could actually hear what was being said. What was described by Anderson, documented by Finneburgh, and experienced by legal observers [including the NLG, one of whose members was also arrested, along with Andrea Prichett, founder of CopWatch] was a far, far, far cry from what was reported on the TV evening news when police held a press conference boasting about mass arrest numbers (152!). [In addition, officially and 'pretextually' declaring an entire neighborhood, a minority neighborhood, of course, to be "a crime scene", is a new political tactic by the police.]


San Francisco BayView newspaper
November 10, 2010

Cops entrap Justice for Oscar Grant marchers: two eyewitness accounts

"Same-Old-Same-Old from the Corporate Media: the Oakland Justice for Oscar Grant Protests"

by Joseph Anderson
— Berkeley, CA

(Originally published in the San Francisco Bay Area by, also published by the Berkeley Daily Planet, and a shorter version published by the UC Berkeley Daily Californian, as well as other publications and websites.)


"Cops Arrest 152 Justice for Oscar Grant Protesters"

- by Lynda Carson

(~Half-way down the page, under, "Cops entrap Justice for Oscar Grant marchers: two eyewitness accounts", November 10, 2010, below Anderson's longer commentary.)

The East Oakland neighborhood woman's eloquent, moving, and chilling account of the 'martial law', paramilitarized riot police troops', neighborhood seige!

She writes as close to the haunting and surreal experience and feeling of actually being there as anyone who has a heart, but wasn't there, could imagine.

There are numerous, equally eloquent and haunting, GREAT PHOTOS accompanying the articles by Oakland photographer Jay Finneburgh, who was also swept up in the wholesale mass arrests when the police saw him taking photos.

The San Francisco Bay View (SF BayView) is the Bay Area's longtime, venerable, African American newspaper, founded and published by Willie & Mary Ratcliffe.


KPFA-fm, Berkeley, CA, Hard Knock Radio show — November 8, 2010 – 4:00pm PT (time counter, 7:08-23:32 ; ~16 minute interview)

Davey D interviews Joseph Anderson

— On what the Bay Area corporate media reported vs. his eye-witness account of the Justice for Oscar Grant march and the OPD's (Oakland Police Department) indiscriminate wholesale mass arrests (by riot cops as far away as Sunnyvale and even Modesto) that ended it.


For larger posted photos by Jay Finneburgh:

images from oscar grant rally and march
- by jay finneburgh

posted Sunday Nov 7th, 2010

(the last photo is great and almost says it all about OPD's behavior in photo form)


Despite repeated promises by the OPD, especially with every new police chief, or by every new mayor, the OPD is basically often out-of-control when it comes to the people's rights to even peaceful, or overwhelmingly peaceful, political demonstrations.

Remember this photo and projectile shot – the photo and shot that went 'round the world – of a woman shot in side of her face (almost her neck!) by an OPD high-velocity projectile aimed directly at her – the defining photo – from the April 7, 2003, OPD _police riot_ against the totally peaceful, anti-war, Oakland dock protest? Well, peaceful, until the OPD started indiscriminate violence – firing barrages of projectiles, rubber-coated steel bullets, injuring numerous demonstrators and even dockworkers, and knocking over people with their speeding motorcycles.

About 20 protesters were arrested in a planned, _nonviolent_ , civil disobedience, but police then also surrounded and arrested close to 100 people who were simply watching the protest from across the street! OPD has been trying to say that citizens don't have a right to even peacefully march or even just be there watching!: We and our even greater numbers and re-determination, have to show the OPD that that's not true!


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